The new Netflix and David Attenborough series, Our Planet, has been moving audiences across the world.

Scenes of the sheer scale of the global environmental crisis have shocked many and sent Twitter users into a full-blown crisis about their own eating habits.

But did the environmental message of Our Planet get through to Sir David Attenborough? Has he swapped in a meat-eating diet for vegetarianism because of environmental concerns?

Here’s what we know about his newfound veggie diet…

Our Planet S1, E1.

Is David Attenborough a vegetarian?

Yes! Well… nearly.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he said:

I eat very little meat at all. Poultry a bit, but mostly fish. And I think most people are doing the same. The world is moving towards a dependancy on fish.

This, he admits, is still a problem and one of his greatest concerns is what we are doing to the oceans.

Does that mean one day he’ll go full on vegetarian?

When did he give up eating meat?

Back in 2017, David Attenborough admitted that he had stopped eating meat, not for ideological reasons, but as he “didn’t care for it”.

But this has changed in 2019.

Attenborough stated that “we can’t go on eating meat at the rate we have been”, and that he thinks had stopped eating meat “subconsciously… because of the state of the planet”.

Our Planet is the first nature series of his to fully acknowledge the need for urgent action to halt the environmental crisis.

How David Attenborough has inspired veggies everywhere!

Many viewers have been speculating on Twitter whether David Attenborough himself is a vegetarian.

But whether fully he is or isn’t, Our Planet is definitely inspiring many to change their eating habits!

Check out some newfound veggies on Twitter below…


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