Popular American football docu-series Last Chance U returned to Netflix for its fourth instalment on Friday, July 18th, returning to Independence Community College once more.

And while some love to the ICC series, many think the first two seasons as East Mississipi Community College were superior. From the staff and players to the plotlines… and of course, we can’t forget about the football.

One of the first season’s standout stars was DJ Law, the Lions’ running back.

But where is DJ Law now? What happened to him after Last Chance U? Who does he play for?

We’ve done some digging into DJ to catch up with his life after the show.

Screenshot: Last Chance U S1 E1 – Netflix

DJ Law on Last Chance U

Dacorius ‘DJ’ Law was born in Haines City, Florida, on 6 November 1994.

The 24-year-old featured in the first season of Last Chance U and although he was one of the stars of the team, his academic record continued to interfere with his progress as a player and cause trouble between DJ and academic advisor, Brittany Wagner.

In the first episode, DJ said:

Education is everything but it’s not something I’m really good at. So I go to school just to play football and do something I love.

But it was also family issues which intervened with DJ’s football plans, as he felt he was missing out on his son growing up. DJ’s first son, born in April 2013, lived in Florida with his mother.

What happened to DJ after the show?

DJ was invited to play for the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s football team, the Blazers after they saw him on Last Chance U.

DJ Law did accept UAB’s offer and was on their starting lineup. But a knee injury meant he was benched the entire first season there, despite impressing coach Bill Clark.

After the injury and failing to meet the college’s academic eligibility, DJ decided to opt-out of playing for the Blazers and move to a new team. DJ’s decision was split between NAIA and Canada.

But this move was not without difficulty. DJ could not just leave UAB as he owed them $8,800 and the university would not provide DJ with his transcripts to move to another college until he paid the balance.

Where is DJ Law now?

Since he could not leave without paying the University of Alabama at Birmingham, DJ was working to pay them to then be able to move to a new college. In a GoFundMe page to help DJ, it says that his plan was to work off the money by January 2019 to be able to start at a college in the spring for the new season.

Hopefully, he’ll be back on the field soon enough!

From his Instagram posts, we can see that he spends most days with his two sons and is a real family man. DJ had another son in November 2016 called Brycen Kael Law.

You can follow DJ on Instagram @mr.showtimelaw where he has over 22,000 followers. Or you can get all of DJ’s latest updates on his Twitter page.



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