The Circle returned in 2022 with a brand new Singles edition. Although the show is adding a new element of being a singleton, there’s still just as much catfishing going on. As episode 12 arrives, fans want to know if Jennifer gets blocked from The Circle.

The Circle players form alliances, friendships, and enemies on the show as they do all they can to bag themselves the $150,000 prize fund.

As the competition rolls on, the game of popularity gets more intense and Netflix fans need to know who stayed in The Circle and who got sent home.


Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson on The Circle.
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Meet The Circle’s Jennifer

Early on in The Circle season 5, two players, Xanthi and Brett, were blocked. However, they got a second shot in the contest if they teamed up to become a catfish named Jennifer.

Totally different from Brett and Xanthi in real life, Jennifer is a 51-year-old woman.

She’s a single dog trainer who hails from Savannah, Georgia.

Jennifer forms a friendship with fellow The Circle player Tom.

Does Jennifer get blocked from The Circle?

Jennifer’s Circle profile says that she’s a lover of “furry friends” but is “still figuring out people.”

During season 5, there is a hacker among the group. Jennifer reveals to her close friend, Tom, that she is the hacker.

Things take even more of a turn when the players are enjoying a love-themed party. The players are asked to rank their fellow players and the person with the least votes gets sent home.

Jennifer tactically ranks Tom in sixth place and some of the other players, including Sam, rank Jennifer in sixth position.

However, it isn’t Jennifer who gets blocked from The Circle in episode 12.

Who went home on The Circle?

A blocking that came as a huge shock to all The Circle season 5 players took place in episode 12.

It is Tom who gets sent packing and is blocked from the game. Given that he was the lowest-ranked player, he was sent home immediately.

Tom had the option of visiting one of the other players and opted to visit Jennifer before he officially left The Circle.

He was shocked that Jennifer was actually Xanthi and Brett and said: “Well, you’re both beautiful. Both of you. You make a brilliant 51-year-old woman.”



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