Does Marie Kondo speak English? Meet her translator on 'Sparking Joy'
SPARKING JOY Marie Kondo in episode 1 of SPARKING JOY. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix

Does Marie Kondo speak English? Meet her translator on 'Sparking Joy'

Marie Kondo is back on our screens, as Netflix brings out a new series called Sparking Joy. Viewers are wondering if she can speak English.

Following her previous successful Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising consultant is back to give us more tips.

However, following the release of the new show, Netflix were made aware that the subtitles were not showing up on the first episode.

This has led fans to wonder if Marie Kondo can speak English, as the three-part series hears her talking in the Japanese language.

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Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer | Netflix

Can Marie Kondo speak English?

  • She can speak English at times, but mainly communicates in Japanese.

Most of Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo is in English, as the show was actually filmed in the United States.

However, she requires a translator, so that those who speak English and view the series can understand Marie better and more clearly.

As she requires a translator, and cannot speak it fluently herself, her editor and agent reportedly could not book her on the usual press tours.

Who is Marie Kondo’s translator?

  • Marie Iida is Marie Kondo’s translator.

While most of Sparking Joy is hosted by Marie Kondo, who speaks in Japanese, we also see her interacting with clients through a translator.

Marie Iida has returned to help out the organizing consultant, and viewers may recognise her from translating on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

She is a 35-year-old writer, as well as Japanese-English translator, interpreter, and editorial coordinator specializing in nonfiction.

The translator is currently based in New York City, and is quickly becoming popular amongst fans for her work.

Sparking Joy on Netflix: How to use subtitles

To turn on subtitles for Sparking Joy, all the viewer has to do is click on the keyboard button on the bottom icon panel.

Then, just select ‘English’, or whichever language you require, underneath the right subtitles section.

This should put the subtitles on when Marie Kondo speaks, as the first episode does have a Japanese segment without automatic subtitles.

However, in episodes two and three, English subtitles appear automatically.



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