Dominique Defoe has joined the Too Hot To Handle season 4 cast. Fans are now asking what her ethnicity is and are thanking her for presenting different cultures while she tries to find love in the stunning THTH villa.

She is among a group of singletons who thought they were signing up for a show called Wild Love, which never actually existed. Instead, Dominique was shook to the core when she realised she’d joined Too Hot to Handle.

Trying to resist any temptations to kiss anyone or go even further – with a risk of sacrificing money in the prize pot if they break any rules – the Netflix star is now being asked what her ethnicity and cultural background is.

Dominique Defoe rests legs in sand while holding left hand in hair. Wearing green high-waisted bikini.
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Dominique Defoe: Ethnicity

Dominique confirmed on Instagram Stories that she is of mixed ethnicity. She was raised by a Dominican and Filipino family, which makes her half Black and half Asian. The 23-year-old currently resides in Colorado.

She described her family as “loud.” Her striking looks have led to several Too Hot To Handle viewers calling her “pretty,” while she took to TikTok to share a video specifically “for the culture,” quoting fans asking how she’s so funny.

BAME fans are loving how Dominique is representing their community. One fan commented on her ethnicity reveal video with: “Omg I knew it!! As soon as you walked in, I was like “She’s Filipino!!!😍.”

Too Hot to Handle fans thank Dominique

Dominique is being thanked for representing the BAME community on Too Hot To Handle. Some are convinced she’s the first Asian contestant on the Netflix show, but she follows season 3’s Kayla Jean, who was of Filipino heritage.

One viewer told Dominique: “Gosh, thanks for bringing the Asian rep 🙏🏼.”

Another simply said: “Baddest blasian [Black and Asian] 😍🔥.”

“Few minutes into #toohottohandle S4 and Dominique has my heart. Imagine being perfect,” penned a fan.

Dominique talks about her parents

Dominique’s parents raised both her and sister Cris Defoe. Her mother is Filipino while her father is Dominican, and they both brought the Too Hot To Handle star up to become an “an empowered woman,” she said on TikTok.

In a TikTok she posted in November 2022, Dominique explained how she quit her job to focus more on her experience with the Too Hot To Handle Season 4. She explained that it “logistically didn’t make sense” anymore to keep her job.

During the video, she spoke of how her “parents are immigrants but they did make it.” Dominique added:

They’re very successful and I’m very proud of them, but I feel like you also have that thing with money where it’s like, you want it to be stable and this was, like, a really big chance that I took.

She also said her “extended family would be like, ‘I’d never let my kids do that’, but were very supportive” and spoke of how going on a reality show may not have been what her parents expected, but that it pushed her “out of the nest.”



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