Dorothy Wang let viewers into her dating life on Bling Empire: New York and fans want to know if Ari officially became her boyfriend after filming.

The pair met in The Bahamas and things seemed to be going swimmingly. The last we saw, Dorothy was gushing about him on the green screen after telling best friend Tina she thought it was time to have “that discussion.”

We take a look into what the status of Dorothy and Ari’s relationship is looking like now.

Dorothy and Ari seemed to be getting close

Ari and Dorothy seemed like the perfect match when they met on vacation. Dorothy even extended her flights to stay an extra day with him and the sparks carried on flying between the two when they got back to New York.

Near the end of the series, Dorothy expressed to Tina how she and Ari haven’t had a ‘status talk’ as none of them like to open up, but she felt as if things were heading that way.

It seemed like it was heading in the direction of Ari officially becoming Dorothy’s boyfriend.

However, when Bustle asked Dorothy if fans could expect to see Ari feature in season 2, she said: “I guess they would have to see! You know we filmed this a year ago. I moved January 15 last year, so it’s really been a full year.”

Dorothy doesn’t follow Ari on Instagram, and there’s no trace of him on her socials, so it doesn’t look likely that he became her boyfriend after all.

Dorothy Wang hasn’t been private with previous boyfriends

Dorothy is not shy of putting her love life out there, which is what we saw on the Netflix show when her blossoming romance (and steamy kiss) with Ari was played out for viewers.

Her reality TV debut on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014 also publically showcased her relationship and breakup with then-boyfriend Cooper Mount.

The Netflix star also featured on Famously Single in 2018 and told viewers at the start of Bling Empire: New York that she was single and ready to mingle, so she isn’t afraid to let viewers in on her journey.

Fans loved the couple together

Although it seems like the relationship between Dorothy and Ari didn’t last, it seems like Bling Empire fans across the globe were rooting for the couple to take things further after their romantic New York pizza date.

One fan penned: “Bling Empire New York should give us season 2 with more Dorothy and Ari!”

Another user tweeted: “Dorothy is not my favorite person in #BlingEmpireNY but I hope she and Ari will maintain whatever they have going. Such a great spark they have. They complement each other. I’m shipping.”

We guess we may have to wait until season 2 to see what really went down.



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