Emma Hernan plastic surgery - She looked very different before joining Selling Sunset
Screenshot: Emma Hernan, Selling Sunset | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix YouTube

Emma Hernan plastic surgery - She looked very different before joining Selling Sunset

Emma Hernan joins the Selling Sunset ladies in an attempt to sell listings. But the question is, how did she look pre-surgery?

Netflix’s fourth season of the real estate show sees newbies Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela showcase their talents at The Oppenheim Group.

As Botox has even been sold at property listing launches, it’s no secret that several cast members have gone under the knife before.

We explored whether Emma Hernan has had surgery, and what she looked like before enhancing her appearance. ‘Before’ pictures incoming…

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Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

What surgery has Emma had done?

Emma has not publicly spoken out about going under the knife, but it appears that she may have gotten breast enhancement surgery.

There is also speculation that she may have had a nose job, as Emma has what many would consider a ‘perfectly-shaped’ nose.

By comparing older photos of the Selling Sunset star, her nostrils appeared slightly more round in contrast to how her nose looks now.

Her co-stars have been open about their own surgery, including Christine, who reportedly claimed nothing about her is fake “except her boobs”.

Emma Hernan before enhancements

Emma’s chest area was significantly smaller back in 2010, while her overall face looked completely different and less structured.

In a photo taken 21 years ago though, anyone is likely to look different. Now 30, she would have been around 19 years old at the time!

It can’t just be put down to puberty, though. Her lips were much thinner, her cheeks were rounder, and her jawline was much less prominent.

She’s always kept the white-blonde hair, though, and has since been complimented as “Barbie” by followers in her Instagram comments.

Her early modelling days, as of 2013, are practically unrecognisable, with a much more rounder face and much thicker false eyelashes.

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The Selling Sunset star today

Emma, who began modelling aged 12, now often poses for photoshoots with a very rounded chest area and full, pouty lips.

Some Selling Sunset viewers even think she looks just like co-star Heather Rae Young, who has got fillers on both lips, and had a breast augmentation.

She continues to model, as well as invest and sell houses, of course! Those long legs are most definitely hers, and likely seen as one of her best assets.

It looks like Emma is in the gym a lot (or just blessed with a quick metabolism), usually sporting very toned abs and a fit physique.



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