Erin and Travis are guided through the planning process, as they try work towards the wedding of their dreams. But are they still together?

The couple may be lost in the details of long-distance planning, but wedding guru Jamie Lee and comedian Mamrie Hart are there to help them.

They are one of several couples who feature in the new Netflix series The Wedding Coach, which might give viewers some inspo for their big day.

More importantly, we want to find out if Erin and Travis are still together, and what their love life is like following the series…

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Who are Erin and Travis?

Erin and Travis both grew up in Rochester, New York, and went to the same high school and college as each other.

Their wedding day was planned for their 10-year anniversary.

When they first started dating, Travis used to tell Erin he loved her every time he wanted to say it, on a Post-It note – which he continues to do now.

They decided to get married in the city where they grew up, Rochester, in the back yard of Travis’ mother’s home.

Erin and Travis on The Wedding Coach

Travis proposed to Erin during a walk with their dog Jane, while they were hiking through Yosemite.

He told her to look at Jane’s new dog collar, which said “Marry Dad” on it. She said yes, and revealed that she “cried for days and days and days”.

Following the planning process, Travis and Erin made their grand wedding entrance on a canoe in a river.

Their families were waiting for them at the outdoor venue, where they said their vows and officially got married!

They even planned to have fortune-tellers, games and an absinth bar.

It never came without difficulty though, as they both admitted their relationship had taken a backseat during the planning process.

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Are Erin and Travis still together?

  • At the time of writing, it is not known if they are still a couple

Erin and Travis could not be found on social media, so it looks like they have preferred to keep their marriage private.

Since the show was filmed, there has been no publication about whether they have stayed together or not.

One couple on The Wedding Coach is Bree and Ben Murray, who appear to still be happily married, according to Bree’s Instagram.

Her Happily Ever After was almost derailed by the insanity of actually planning a wedding — so now Jamie Lee is on a…

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