Ethan Smith is the “bad boy on nature” causing waves on Too Hot To Handle season 4. He was one of two new arrivals to the Netflix dating show, arriving on the Turks & Caicos beach all the way from Somerset, UK.

He’s not keeping his bad boy rep a secret, and openly states his nature in his Instagram bio. The cat owner of furry friends Tilly and Boo said Lana may be getting in the way of his desires but admits the girls “love” his bad boy status.

The Too Hot To Handle already warned viewers he’d “definitely break the rules.” Ethan arrived at the same time as Flavia Laos and has already caused some slight head turns in the beach house. Let’s get to know him.

***Warning: Spoilers below***

Ethan Smith holds right hand to chin in front of beach background. Covered in tattoos.
Credit: Netflix

Meet Ethan on Too Hot To Handle

Ethan Smith, from Somerset, England, is a model. The 26-year-old has modelled for huge brands like ASOS and is now starring on Too Hot To Handle season 4 while he searches for his perfect match on the show.

The gym enthusiast has already began making moves on Brittan Byrd, who was in a budding romance with James Penderglass. Initially though, he was attracted to someone else and chose Sophie Stonehouse for his first date.

Ethan had the opportunity to smooth Sophie, who turned down a free kiss from him so she could stay loyal to Creed. Over on TikTok, he lip syncs to a song, telling ladies who “ain’t a gym girl or blondie” to “keep their distance.” 

Ethan Smith is a ‘bad boy by nature’

Ethan invited Brittany to sleep with him in bed, and she happily accepted. It comes after he complimented her on her blue eyes and said: “She’s absolutely lush. I know she’s with James but I don’t care, I always get what I want.”

Brittan also expressed her interest in Ethan in her confessional, saying he caught her attention, despite liking James. She had also hoped for James to get “more physical” with her but he refused to break the house rules.

Ethan is often seen speaking about his ex on TikTok, where he discusses “when you can’t control being around your ex after one drink” and also asks: “Why do you text your ex when you’re drunk?”

Meet the THTH star on Instagram

Ethan is always on holiday, but it’s Ibiza that has “his heart.” He’s often in the super clubs with his top off, so Too Hot To Handle was no different for his usual lifestyle in the sun. When he’s not partying, he’s modelling or in the gym.

His Instagram bio states: “I think Lana’s going to have a job on her hands… I’m a bad boy by nature.” Well, don’t say he didn’t warn you, girls! Ethan boasts over 26,000 followers on his page, which usually shows his travels.

Since landing back in the UK, Ethan has been focusing on a health journey. He revealed on Instagram that he’s 20lb down in November and hopes to “stay around this weight this time” while flexing his muscles.



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