The cast of Too Hot To Handle season 4 is making headlines ever since the show aired. Here’s a look at this season’s bad boy, Ethan Smith, and his Instagram.

Ethan was one of this season’s wild card entries. He joined Too Hot To Handle in episode 4, titled Flavia of the Month, alongside Flavia Laos Urbina.

He came in telling the audience that he’s definitely a bad boy and also expressed his intentions to “totally break the rules.”

Here’s a look at the British hunk’s Instagram.

Meet Ethan Smith from Too Hot To Handle on Instagram

The reality star has close to 53K followers on Instagram. His quirky bio reads: “I think Lana’s going to have a job on her hands…I’m a bad boy by nature.”

Most of his latest posts feature his fellow cast members from the Netflix show. Sebastian Melrose and Creed McKinnon among others have all made appearances on his Instagram.

Beyond his reality television stint, Ethan certainly is a party boy at heart. His Instagram features many pictures of him partying at a pool with his friends or at music concerts.

The hottie certainly spends a lot of time at the gym too.

Who did Ethan date in season 4?

Ethan’s first-ever date on Too Hot To Handle was with Sophie Stonehouse. Sophie was already paired with Creed when Ethan arrived, but Lana decided to make her Ethan’s first date on the show.

During their date, Sophie mentioned that Ethan was her exact type. She likes men who are tall, have dark hair and tattoos. Moreover, they’re both British.

Sophie ends up rejecting Ethan and also refuses the penalty-free kiss Lana offers the cast members with the newcomers. While she stays loyal to Creed, he doesn’t show her the same devotion and ends up falling for Flavia.

Ethan then goes on a date with Brittan. The two hit it off and also share a bed together at night. But, the very next day, Brittan chooses to go back to James, thus ending their little romance.

Who were the couples in season 4?

Too Hot To Handle’s season 4 saw most cast members coupling up.

Seb and Kayla were one of the first to get together this season alongside Nick and Jawahir.

Creed and Sophie also coupled up, but the former later paired up with newcomer Flavia, leaving Sophie by herself.

Once another newcomer Imogen arrived on the beach, Creed had some naughty moments with her too before being eliminated by Lana for being dishonest about his relationship with Imogen.



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