Evan and Liz’s engagement is featured on Netflix’s latest reality show Marriage or Mortgage. Let’s find out where they are today…

They are one of several couples who will be left with a pretty important decision – to choose their dream home or perfect wedding.

Estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller will be competing for Evan and Liz’s ultimate final decision.

So, where are Evan and Liz now? What happened after they starred on the Netflix series? We found out what they have been up to post-filming.

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Who are Evan and Liz?

Evan and Liz are a Nashville couple who first laid eyes on each other at a country music concert and share a passion for country gigs.

They attended 20 concerts in their first year of dating!

Having just moved to Nashville for work purposes, they are looking to either get settled there or have their dream wedding.

The then-engaged couple were living in Naples, Florida, when they were first filmed for the Netflix show – where Evan proposed.

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Evan and Liz on Marriage or Mortgage

Evan, who just got a job he could not refuse in downtown Nashville, was given 30 days to find a house while they stayed in a hotel.

After looking at three homes and two wedding venues, it wasn’t an easy decision for the couple to make.

After some pondering, Evan and Liz decided to *Major spoiler alert*, choose to have their dream wedding rather than commit to a home.

As the last in their friendship group to get engaged – and therefore having attended almost 20 weddings as a couple – they wanted to tie the knot.

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Where are Evan and Liz now?

Evan and Liz Zimmer officially got married on May 25, 2020!

This is despite some difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however they made sure to become husband and wife in the end.

Evan is now the Director of Catering at the Grand Hyatt Nashville, according to his LinkedIn profile, who studied Hospitality Management.

We found Evan on Facebook, but it looks like he keeps things on social media fairly private – although he did provide a marriage update.

He has several pictures of them both together, confirming that they are still happily loved-up since the wedding.



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