When Extreme Engagement entered our lives on Friday, July 12th, viewers got an inside look into marriage and courtship rituals from around the world. But not just that, they also got an inside look into the relationship of the couple at the heart of the documentary: PJ and Tim.

After one season, four continents and eight countries, we saw PJ and Tim exploring their own upcoming nuptials under intense circumstances, analysing their relationship at every step on the way.

So did one year of filming break up the couple or are they stronger than ever?


Screen Shot: Extreme Engagement series 1 episode 5 – Netflix

PJ and Tim: Relationship overview

In the first episode of Extreme Engagement, Tim said “the moment I saw PJ I was head over heels, I was a goner. I instantly knew ‘I’m going to be with this girl’”.

Before they met, PJ Madam had been married for ten years. And while their relationship is at the core of the show, their views of relationships and past experiences also take a front seat.

In episode 5, Tim is as brazen as to call them “realists” when it comes to relationships, as both he and PJ had had first-hand experiences of divorce – Tim’s parents separated when he was just nine.

It is unconfirmed when the couple actually met, but they have been engaged since at least January 2015, as PJ’s first Instagram post from that month has many comments congratulating the couple on their engagement.

Much of what Extreme Engagement focuses on is the fact that their long engagement has shown their commitment to one another, but has also been incredibly difficult. In fact, from the outset, PJ acknowledges that “we’ve had a sh**y engagement”.

What happened at the end of Extreme Engagement?

Both PJ and Tim candidly handled the bumps in the road they faced whilst filming the show, but by the end, PJ said: “I feel so loved right now and I never want that feeling to go”.

When faced with actual danger in the deep waters surrounding Yanaba, the two realised their commitment to each other went past just the concept of marriage.

Tim Noonan said: “Let’s commit to not getting married… How about we commit to just being committed to each other?”


And while they celebrated and PJ got a rock on her finger, the ceremony went way beyond just a normal wedding.

Are PJ and Tim still together?

The couple is more loved up than ever following their one year on the road.

PJ and Tim are clearly besotted with one another still, which makes us cross our fingers for another potential series which could follow their lives after marriage. We can’t get enough of these two!

Netflix, you know what to do…




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