Season two of Single’s Inferno is officially over, and it has surely been a wild rollercoaster. With drama, plot twists, and a change of heart, fan-favorite Lee Nadine has reminisced on her time in Single’s Inferno as the audience witnesses her shocking ending.

10 days stuck on Inferno island with the basic resources and a fight to spend a night in Paradise. The 12 hot and single Korean contestants aim to win the heart of their love interests.

One of the contestants who has gained fame on and off the show has been Lee Nadine. Her “beauty and brains” shock contestants and show commentators after finding out she is studying at Harvard University.

Despite her initial interest in Shin Dong-woo and Kim Jin-young, the shocking finale episode revealed the star leaving Inferno without a companion.

Nonetheless, the popular star has not reminisced on what turned into a “once in a lifetime experience” despite almost not participating in the show.

Lee Nadine jokes on being ‘stuck in inferno’

On January 11, Nadine took to her personal Instagram account to share her words of gratitude to the millions of viewers who have tuned in every week to see her progress in Single’s Inferno.

The Harvard student thanked her followers for their support, describing her week on the island as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

In a lengthy paragraph, Nadine captioned: “I hope everyone can continue to love and support us all as we venture into our own paths off the island (although technically I am still stuck in Inferno).”

The finale episode saw her leaving the island alone after the shocking episode showed Kim Jin-young standing next to her before leaving for Shin Seul-ki.

Lee Nadine was ‘hesitant’ to participate in the show

Ever since the first season of the Korean reality dating show launched, the world has been invested in finding out the real identities of the contestants – and their lives outside Inferno.

As the show’s first Korean-American contestant, Lee Nadine felt the pressure and almost pulled out from the show. Nonetheless, despite her doubts, the 22-year-old took the chance at finding love.

As Nadine, herself has said throughout the episode that getting close to a man is not “her thing”. She found herself having a hard time expressing herself in Korean, the beloved contestant left her mark on the series.

She wrote: “I was initially hesitant to take on such a project but joining the Singles Inferno 2 squad has been one of my greatest life gifts!”

Fans hail Nadine as ‘the best contestant’

Lee Nadine Singles Inferno
Credit: Singles Inferno/Netflix Korea

Despite leaving Inferno island without a man, Nadine has gained the support of thousands of followers. What started as a few thousand Instagram followers quickly turned into almost 900k in a month.

Shortly after the contestant posted her goodbye message, many of her followers flooded the comment sections with messages of support.

Others joked about how she was able to use her phone since she was still “technically stuck in Inferno.”

A fan wrote: “The fact that all the guys weren’t falling for Nadine is beyond me.”

“I’m rooting for your next journey,” another follower wrote.

“Queen of our hearts,” one penned.

A fourth follower joked: “How did you post this from inferno???”



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