Missing your dose of Too Hot To Handle? No need to wait until the next season, Netflix has just released the Too Hot To Handle game on Google Play and App Store.

Too Hot To Handle’s fourth season has just aired and the drama and rule breakings were bigger and better than ever. Now fans can be part of the drama themselves in Too Hot To Handle: Love Is A Game. Netflix games are becoming popular as of late, with the streaming site creating them for many shows including Stranger Things.

We let you know how to download the game and explain the rules. And yes, you still have to follow Lana.

How to get the Too Hot To Handle Netflix game

Downloading the game is easy. It can be done directly through the App or Google Store, depending on your device, or via the Netflix app.

As with any app, simply go to the App or Google Play Store and search ‘Too Hot To Handle.’

To download it through the Netflix app, scroll down the homepage until you see the row named ‘Games.’ Click on your chosen game, click ‘get game’ and it will take you straight to the App or Google Play Store.

If you can’t see the ‘Games’ row on your Netflix app, make sure you have the latest version downloaded. At the time of writing the game has a 4.6/5 rating on the App Store, from 165 ratings.

How does the game work?

Just like in the show, players take on the role of one of ten determined singles and, yes, whichever one you choose you’ll have to abstain from intimacy! Players can customize their avatars so, if it has always been your dream to go on Too Hot To Handle, now’s your chance!

Unlike the series, however, Netflix states there’s no real $200,000 cash prize up for grabs. The game is included with your Netflix membership, however, and has no ads or in-app purchases. So, although you may not be winning cash, you won’t be spending any either!

Similar to the Netflix series, which didn’t release in one go, fans will have to wait for new episodes of the game to be released. New episodes contain four chapters and roll out on a weekly basis.

According to Netlix, these are the dates of release:

Fans can’t get enough of the game

Instead of just watching the drama unfold, fans can now be part of it (sort of) – and they’re loving it. The game has been going viral on TikTok, and Twitter is loving it just as much:

One fan tweeted: “I’m heavily addicted to the Too Hot To Handle mobile game. It’s too good.”



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