Too Hot To Handle is on its fourth season on Netflix so, of course, it’s hard not to have heard of it. So how do you get contestants to join? Create a fake show called Wild Love, that’s how.

There’s no way Netflix would be able to rope ten hot singles into a show where they know they’ll have to abstain from you know what. But getting them to join a show hosted by Mario Lopez that gets their adrenalin pumping around potential matches? Easy.

However, Netflix did such a good job at creating a fake show fans are calling for the company to release a real season of Wild Love.

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Inside Wild Love: Too Hot To Handle’s cover-up show

So what was the premise of ‘new’ fake show Wild Love? Well, it was Too Hot To Handle’s biggest fake show yet, hosted by Nineties heartthrob Mario Lopez.

In the intro, Mario describes Wild Love as: “The dating show that harnesses the power of adrenalin.”

As Mario joins the cast for his new ‘fake dating show’ he tells the contestants he’s going to help them fall in love “harder, faster, and more intensely than you could ever imagine.”

The cast thought Mario was going to send them on a series of wild challenges. Of course, they all believed him. Who would think they’re on a fake show with Slater from Saved By The Bell?

“I’ve made dating an extreme sport,” he tells the cast.

But lo and behold, Lana emerges from the car and, much to the cast’s dismay, they realise they’re on Too Hot To Handle, and they all know what that means.

The new Too Hot To Handle cast weren’t amused

Before Lana came to spoil the party, the cast thought they were about to jump out of an aircraft. By the looks on their faces, we’re sure they would have preferred to be thousands of feet in the air than on the ground with Lana and her rules.

Some of the cast instantly recognized the virtual assistant and knew exactly what show they were about to be part of, and of course what they were about to give up.

Personal trainer James just wanted Mario back, screaming: “Mario made me happy!”

One of the most iconic lines, however, came from Jawahir, who said: “I’ve broken so many hearts in my life. This is literally karma. My ancestors are punishing me.”

However, the cast perked up when they found out there was $200,000 on the line this season. But will they be able to abstain to keep it? It’s not looking good so far!

Too Hot to Handle fans want a real season of Wild Love

Netflix did such a good job at creating the run-up of Wild Love, some fans forgot they were watching Too Hot To Handle for a moment. Now, after that epic teaser, fans want to watch more:

Another user tweeted: Am I the only one wishing #WildLove was a real show?! #toohottohandle

Others just couldn’t believe the cast fell for the ploy:



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