Love Is Blind is back in 2022 for a brand new season but fans of the show are still wondering what former participants are up to now. When Kyle Abrams first appeared on the Netflix show, he was matched with Shaina Hurley, however, things didn’t quite work out. Now, Kyle’s Instagram followers are asking if he’s “soft launching a girlfriend”.

Netflix’s third installment of Love Is Blind hit screens on October 19, a brand new batch of singletons are ready to see if love is truly “blind”. But, for now, let’s take a look at what fans are saying about Kyle’s love life…

Kyle Abrams, Abhishek Chatterjee, Shayne Jansen sit on a couch at the Love Is Blind season 2 reunion
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What happened with Kyle and Deepti?

After both of their marriages on Love Is Blind season 2 didn’t work out, Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams developed a relationship after the reunion show.

Kyle and Deepti took their friendship to the next level but eventually decided that they were actually better off as friends.

On September 20, Kyle took to Instagram to share that he and Deepti “went their separate ways in early summer”. Deepti also took to IG in September to say that she and Kyle were going their separate ways.

Fans say Kyle Abrams is ‘soft launching girlfriend’

In the same September 20 Instagram post, Kyle wrote that he had embarked on a new relationship but wanted to keep things private.

More recently, Kyle has been posting to the ‘gram to share videos and snaps of himself dating his new partner but is yet to reveal her identity.

On an October 10 post, Kyle’s followers asked if he was “soft launching a girlfriend” and another wrote: “…the people need a name!!…”.

Another said: “I did not pay attention to the food. I was trying real hard to see a reflection to see who she is”.

Many of Kyle’s fans have been commenting on his Instagram posts begging to find out who his mystery partner is. One person commented: “Dude just show her already”.

Another said: “We all just want to meet her”.

Others have left comments on Kyle’s IG posts saying that they’re happy he’s keeping his love life private. One commented: “I guess I’m the odd one out who loves all the snippets of her. Every video I’m keeping an eye out for glimpses of her. It’s special for y’all to be intimate yet private but also not keeping her presence a secret.”.

Kyle is yet to say who his girlfriend is

Love Is Blind’s Kyle has revealed that he is dating someone, but he is yet to reveal her full identity.

On Instagram, he often shares videos of himself with his girlfriend but hasn’t posted anything which shows her face.

This is leaving his fans and followers still guessing who the special lady is in his life in October 2022.



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