Who is Feliks Zemdegs? Meet The Speed Cubers star and world champion

Netflix are known for taking on documentaries with a slightly unusual or eccentric premise. 

Already this year, we have seen surprise hits out of the likes of Tiger King and Spelling the Dream. Now, the world of competitive Rubik’s Cube solving is being taken on.

The Speed Cubers is a refreshingly short but sweet documentary. It launched to Netflix on Wednesday, July 29th. Instead of joining the ranks of the 8-hour long docuseries sagas, The Speed Cubers packs all the drama into one 40-minute movie. It follows two friends and Rubik’s Cube solving champions, as they compete at yet another game.

One of the two stars of The Speed Cubers is Feliks Zemdegs, a 2-time Rubik’s Cube World Champion from Australia. So, with The Speed Cubers launching, we thought it best to find out about Feliks. Here’s everything you need to know!

Feliks Zemdegs in The Speed Cubers – Netflix

Who is Feliks Zemdegs?

Feliks Zemdegs is a 24-year-old Rubik’s Cube solving champion from Melbourne, Australia. As the documentary was filmed last year, Feliks was then 23. He was born on December 20th, 1995.

After leaving the Catholic boys’ school St Kevin’s in Toorak, Feliks went on to major in Economics at the University of Melbourne.


Feliks bought his first Rubik’s Cube in April 2008 and then burst onto the speed cubing scene one year later. Ever since, Feliks has been top of the game. He is now sponsored by Gan Cube.

You can follow Feliks on Twitter for updates @Fazrulz.

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Feliks on The Speed Cubers

The Speed Cubers follows Feliks on his journey to become the 2019 World Champion. In the competition, Feliks comes up against his IRL best friend, 17-year-old Max Park. Max, an American who struggled with his autism and motor functions growing up, beat every single one of Feliks’s records, except for the 3×3 Rubik’s challenge. The 3×3 Rubik’s challenge is known as the “main event.”

In the 3×3 challenge, which determined the 2019 World Champion, neither Feliks nor Max topped the chart. Phillip Weyer came first, completing the cube in 6.74 seconds. Max placed fourth with 6.83, then Feliks fifth with 6.84.

But Max had done well in every other round, meaning he placed on the podium. Despite the fact Max beat Feliks, he was happy for his competitor.

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Follow Feliks Zemdegs on Instagram

Feliks may be new to Netflix viewers, who were introduced to him through The Speed Cubers, but it’s clear that Feliks already has fans in their thousands.

On Instagram, Feliks has over 90,000 followers on the day the Netflix documentary was released. We’re sure this will rocket once again!

You can find him @fzemdegs.




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