Filming locations for You vs Wild: Out Cold on Netflix explored
You vs. Wild: Out Cold - Production Stills

Filming locations for You vs Wild: Out Cold on Netflix explored

‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ is the third series in the ‘You vs. Wild’ franchise. In this series directed by Ben Simms, Bear Grylls finds himself hanging from a tree by the ropes of his parachute in a remote icy location when he realises he has amnesia.

While battling amnesia, Bear comes to the realisation that he must find his friend and pilot, Caption Joe Raynor and rescue him from a plane that has crashed before it falls from a cliff.

But where was this visually stunning landscape actually located? Read on to find out.

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Filming locations for ‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ revealed

‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ was actually shot in different locations around the Italian province of Belluno, which includes the part of the Dolomite Mountains within the province.

Bear also filmed the ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ episodes in the same location.

Let’s find out all about Belluno, Italy

The filming of the entire series of ‘You vs. Wild: Out Cold’ was in Belluno, Italy. The scenic location is mostly a hilly district, which means that it is perfect for the trials and tribulations that Bear will have to face throughout the series.

Some scenes were filmed in the towns of Comelico Superiore and Auronzo di Cadore both of which are also located in Belluno.

Located in the Veneto area, Belluno is composed of the natural and historic areas of Agordino, Feltrino, Comelico, Cadore, Ampezzano, Val di Zoldo, and Alpago.

Due to its severe climate, the location has become a popular spot for filming. Movies including ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and ‘Cliffhanger’ were filmed in Belluno.

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Is ‘You Vs. Wild: Out Cold’ scripted?

In this series, you are in control as Bear speaks directly to the camera asking the audience to make key decisions throughout his journey.

Therefore, you have the power to dictate which paths Bear will take, in what order he should perform tasks and what insects he should consume.

It is therefore a complex mix of real danger and scripted scenes. As it has quite a detailed narrative, it can be assumed that there is an actual script in comparison to his other documentaries. It’s a pretty safe bet that Bear Grylls did not actually jump out of a plane and the pilot’s life is not hanging in the balance. Equally, it is impossible for him to have temporary amnesia therefore while some elements of the show are real, most of the action can be said to be fabricated for the cameras.



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