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Five things we need to see in Styling Hollywood season 2!

With the amount of television programmes that Netflix produces, most of the time they can be quite hit and miss. And definitely when it comes to the world of reality TV where there is already so much strong competition out there from E! Entertainment and Bravo.

But Netflix seems to have found a winner with Styling Hollywood, the latest addition to their streaming service in August 2019.

The series goes behind the scenes at the highly sought-after creative team at JSN Studios. JSN is a celebrity styling and design agency led by co-owners Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis.

And just a few days since it’s release, fans have already binge-watched all eight episodes from season 1 leading many to demand its renewal on Twitter. There was a lot to be followed up on, so here’s hoping Netflix will renew the series!

Here are the five things we desperately want followed up in a second season…

Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E1 – Netflix

Kafia and Adair’s season 1 drama

Kafia and Adair did not have the smoothest of working relationships throughout Styling Hollywood season 1.

Despite their ten year friendship, they could not see eye to eye when working together. Particularly as issues of time, money and personal lives intervened.

Season 1 saw Kafia fired from JSN by Adair as he said: “I want you as a friend but we are finished… I no longer want you a part of JSN Studios.”

Although he did rehire her for one day, we’re desperate to know what’s happened with this relationship after the filming ended!

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Met Gala drama

Most of JSN style team’s major clients hit up the Met Gala in May 2019 and they served some serious looks.

Ava Duvernay, Zazie Beetz, Camila Mendes, Mindy Kaling, Ella Balinska, Yara Shahidi, Serena Williams and Janet Mock were all styled by JSN for the Met ball and boy did they look fantastic.

Jason nailed the 2019 theme of Camp, splashing all of his clients in bold colours, prints and gems.

We didn’t get to see any of the Met drama in season 1, so hopefully, they filmed behind the scenes on all of the Met fittings and red carpet moments.

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More glitz n’ glam!

Not only was there the Met Gala, but there have been numerous glamorous occasions that we’re desperate to go behind the scenes for.

From Jason’s Instagram @jasonbolden we can see that over the past few months he has worked with Vanessa Hudgens on her Tony’s 2019 outfit to styling Serena Williams’ Sports Illustrated cover.

It’s been a busy year for the JSN style team and we want more of it!

The Hill’s baby

Dulé and Jazmyn Hill were having their house redesigned by Adair. But the complete house overhaul was not the only monumental thing happening for the Hill’s this year as they announced they had another baby on the way!

As friends of Adair and Jason, the couple became as much a part of the show as those who work at JSN. So everyone wants to know what happens next with Jazmyn’s baby, particularly as we know she gave birth to baby Levi in May 2019.

And they’re not the only one with some family news…

There’s another baby on the way!

At the end of Styling Hollywood season 2, Adair and Jason announced that they were anticipating a child!

After one whole season of baby troubles – mainly Jason’s hesitation to have a child – they eventually announced that they were planning on adoption.

Season 2 could follow Adair and Jason’s journey into parenthood and we all know that that journey will make us weep even more than we did throughout season 1 every time the baby was brought up.

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Will there be a Styling Hollywood season 2?


As of yet, Netflix has yet to announce whether they are renewing Styling Hollywood for a second season. Its status is still pending.

Considering the response from the fans, they would be foolish not too. Especially now that JSN Studios has a larger profile… there’s a chance even more celebs could be featured on the second series!




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