Floor is Lava: Where do they go when they fall? Netflix fans demand answers!

Floor is Lava: Where do they go when they fall? Netflix fans demand answers!

If you thought that The Big Flower Fight was about the most eccentric Netflix would get with its production, then think again.

The latest addition to the streaming giant’s roster of reality TV competitions is Floor is Lava. The series, which emulates the game many of you will have played as a child, kicked off on Friday, June 19th. Already it has a tonne of viewers tuning in for all of its ridiculous glory. With a hilarious commentator, a ridiculous premise and some pretty insane stunts, it’s not hard to see why!

But one thing viewers have wondered whilst watching Floor is Lava is where the contestants go when they fall in.

Screenshot: Floor is Lava S1 E1 – Netflix

How does Floor is Lava work?

Each episode of Floor is Lava welcomes three teams of three to compete.

They have to navigate their way around an obstacle course flooded with lava, using only the objects in the room to get from point A to point B. The course is designed to make it ridiculously easy for the contestants to fall into the lava, and unlike competitions such as Ultimate Beastmaster, these contestants are far from parkour professionals.

Each team gets a point for every person who completes the course. Whoever then comes out on top wins $10,000 and a lava lamp, a fitting prize.

Where do they go when they fall?

When the contestants fall in the obstacle course, it’s meant to look like they are “killed” by the lava.

The issue of where the contestants go after they fall into the lava is not clear while watching. It wasn’t even clear to some of the contestants, as in one episode you can hear a contestant ask “where did he go?” when her husband fell in.

It is likely that the contestants fall in the water, or “lava,” then a simple editing trick makes it look like they never resurface. The fallen contestants most likely swim out of the course to watch from the sidelines while their other team mates continue. Details have not been released about the show’s production as of yet.

Floor is Lava host Rutledge Wood responded to a viewer “we can’t say” when asked about what happens to the contestants.

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Netflix viewers joke about Floor is Lava falls

Ever since the series began, viewers have jokingly put forth their theories as to what happens when the contestants fall in.

One viewer speculated that the contestants get sucked out of the water in the same style as Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Another thought the contestants might stay in the lava breathing through tubes, just like Rick and Morty’s The Vat of Acid Episode (season 4 episode 8).




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