Francesca Farago in high school- see rare footage of star before Too Hot to Handle!

Since its premiere on Friday, April 17th, Too Hot to Handle has become a massive hit with Netflix viewers across the globe.

The dating series follows hot singletons sent to a luxury Mexican retreat. They believe they are there to have endless hours of fun without no restrictions, but little they know there’s a higher purpose behind their stints.

Instead of sexual contact, the contestants must embark on a self-improvement journey as they learn the importance of spiritual love.

One of the stars who found love is Francesca with her partner Harry Jowsey. And quite naturally, viewers are interested to get to know Francesca more, especially before Too Hot to Handle.

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E1 – Netflix

Francesca Farago on Too Hot to Handle

Francesca, 26, is an Instagram blogger and model from Vancouver. She recently launched a sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear line called Farago The Label.

And if you’ve watched the entire series (cause we binge-watched it immediately), Francesca comes across as one of the most popular contestants on Too Hot to Handle.

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It’s not surprising that she gained such huge popularity since she was the one who constantly broke the rules with Harry, causing serious drama in the Mexican retreat.

  • OMG: Francesca and Harry give update on relationship status!

Francesca Farago’s high school photos

We found some rare footage of Francesca before Too Hot to Handle!

In a video released by Before They Were Famous, the Netflix star can be seen in snaps with her friends in high school. Guess, she was onto something with some hilarious dance clips way before the arrival of TikTok.

You can watch Francesca’s high school video on YouTube.




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