Maddy Brum is one of the new faces and stars of Cheer. After Cheer season 2 hit Netflix, Maddy instantly became a fan favourite and one of the stand-out stars for team Navarro.

From her past to her present and everything in between, let’s find out more about the new all-rounder on the team and Netflix series, Maddy Brum.

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Maddy Brum?

Being described almost instantly as one of their “best all-round athletes” by assistant coach Andy Kosferent, it’s clear to see why she is one of the teams strongest members.

Brum has been with Navarro since 2019 but has been a cheerleader most of her life.

Growing up in Dracut, Massachusetts, Maddy started to cheer from a very young age and began competing at a similar time for the cheerleading team, East Celebrity Elite.

Though her family struggled for money and to pay for cheer classes for their daughter, Maddy would always find herself at the cheer gym, saying that cheer was something that gave her stability in life.

In terms of Maddy’s dating life, it is unknown whether she’s single or taken, but rumours did circulate that Maddy may have had a potential relationship in the past with fellow teammate TT Barker. Brum and Barker were spotted holding hands back in 2019 and shared loving messages via Instagram, however, the rumours were never confirmed, so we can assume that the two are just good friends and teammates.

Did Maddy’s father go to prison?

During episode three of the new season of Cheer, it’s revealed that Maddy’s father went to prison when she was young. After Maddy’s father calls her during the Netflix series being filmed, she adds: “My father is unable to leave the state of Massachusetts for legal reasons.”

Later in the Netflix series, Maddy explains that she spent the majority of her childhood in the cheer gym: “My father didn’t get to see me a lot of my life, but, at the end of the day, it’s primarily his fault.

What is Maddy up to now?

Judging by her appearance on Cheer season 2, it seems that Maddy’s goal in life is to continue her passion for cheerleading. She is portrayed as a sheer perfectionist and wants to continue expanding and exploring her cheerleading skills for as long as she can.

Maddy is still cheerleading for team Navarro and is focusing on making not only herself proud, but mentor and coach, Monica Aldama proud, too.

The Navarro student keeps an open mind and constantly works hard to improve every skill that she possibly can. Follow Maddy on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her @maddybrum.



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