Dubai Bling follows the luxurious lives of residents thriving in the UAE metropolis, and for Ebraheem Al Samadi, the city is his oyster.

When a captivating cast with eye-watering bank balances is set against the extravagance of Dubai, what do you get? Netflix’s next UAE-based docu-soap. Presenting…Dubai Bling!

10 strong personalities will be uniting on one screen, so there will be enough drama to give the likes of Selling Sunset and Bling Empire a run for their money. Speaking of money, there is one cast member whose wealth tops all of the Selling Sunset cast combined, excluding owners Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know about Ebraheem Al Samadi, the mastermind behind the Forever Rose empire.

Netflix Celebrates Launch Of Arabic Reality Show "Dubai Bling" In Dubai
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Ebraheem Al Samadi has been an entrepreneur since age 14

With a self-proclaimed net worth of at least $50 million, it’s unsurprising that the 34-year-old has been in the game for two decades.

Ebraheem’s first business venture came at 14 years old in the form of an eBay store, selling thrift shop goods out of his mother’s Florida apartment. His dedication propelled his humble beginnings to winning the platform’s coveted 1000 Power Sellers awards.

The Arabian American reportedly launched a self-funded rollerskating shoe company at age 17 and achieved millionaire status by the time he was 20. Oh, and he bought his first Rolex at 17 too.

After moving to Dubai in 2010, Ebraheem is now the chief executive of the Al Samadi Group, which has introduced several global brands to the UAE.

One of them is Forever Rose, a luxury retailer he acquired in 2014. The company sells the original “world’s longest-lasting roses” – you know, the Instagram viral florals that seem to never rot. That’s probably where his nickname, The Blooming Man, originates.

Forever Rose has since expanded into a cafe with two locations in the UAE, and an oud line.

Which Dubai Bling cast members have the largest net worth?

Arabian Business claims that Ebraheem is the wealthiest member upon analysis of his accounts detailing his shareholding in several Forever Rose brands. Revenues are said to stand at $22.5 million for the year.

He takes the top spot from American-Lebanese model Loujain Adada, who is said to be worth $3.8 million.

In third place is radio presenter Kris Fade and his wife, Brianna, at $1.3 million.

  • DJ Bliss aNd Danya Mohammed ($850K)
  • Lojain Omran ($800K)
  • Farhana Bodi ($380K)
  • Zeina Khoury ($310K)
  • Safa Siddiqui ($180K)



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