Get to know Kafia from Styling Hollywood - Instagram, job and more!

Netflix dropped a new reality series to their site on Friday, August 30th which lets viewers peer behind the curtain at one of Los Angeles’ top styling and design studios.

Styling Hollywood follows Jason Bolden and his hubby Adair Curtis as they style So Cal’s elite in the best garms and pimp out their mansions. And we get to go behind the scenes!

Jason and Adair co-own JSN Studios and with their busy schedule comes a busy office life. And they have a team on-site to help them execute their design visions.

So, who is Kafia? Let’s get to know JSN’s fiery operations manager a little better.

Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E1 – Netflix

Meet Kafia…

We are introduced to Kafia Ahmed in the first episode of Styling Hollywood, as she is JSN Studio’s operations manager and one of Adair’s oldest friends.

Kafia has been working with JSN for three years, or “three very long years” as she describes it.


Before then, Kafia was studying for a Masters in Culture & Communications from New York University. She graduated in 2013.

Kafia also has a BA in International Studies from Old Dominion University.

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Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E1 – Netflix

Kafia’s demands divide the fans

Kafia and Adair have troubles from the outset of filming.

Even in her introduction video, she admits: “I have been fired multiple times by Adair and rehired multiple times by Adair.”

But things reached a boiling point between the two over the job’s role and what Kafia deserved to be paid during filming. A case which divided the fans but ultimately resulted in Kafia facing the sack again.

Some were of the belief that Kafia does not respect or treat Adair like she would another boss, but others think she was standing up for herself, her time and what she was owed.

The debate led to a division in the Twitter viewership between Team Adair and Team Kafia!

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Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E1 – Netflix

Does Kafia have Instagram?


If you were one of Kafia’s fans on Styling Hollywood then be sure to check out her Instagram @callmekafia.

She shares selfies, holiday snaps and day-to-day antics to her following of nearly 2000.

In Kafia’s bio, she describes herself as “somali af, nomadic by nature, + random as i wanna be.”

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