With the second season of Girls Incarcerated coming to Netflix this July 2019, many fans of the show are wondering where the cast of season 1 is now.

One of the favourites of the first season was undeniably Najwa Pollard. Coming from a difficult home situation and not able to leave the juvie system because of it, Pollard’s isolation broke the hearts of viewers everywhere.

So where is Pollard now and how come she did not feature in season 2?

Here is everything you need to know about her progress since she was seen on Girls Incarcerated.

Screenshot: Girls Incarcerated S1 E2 – Netflix

Meet Najwa Pollard

Najwa – known as Pollard on the show – was 15-years-old when the filming of Girls Incarcerated season 1 took place.

Pollard had entered the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility in Indiana for drug abuse and ‘bad behaviour’. But we also meet Pollard after she had completed her programme, but had to remain in the system as no parent or other family members would come to collect her.

When you are a minor locked up in the juvenile system, you have to be released to family or not at all. The staff at Madison could not find any placements for her and her family refused their calls.

What happened to Pollard after Girls Incarcerated season 1?

Viewers saw as Najwa Pollard began to lose hope during Girls Incarcerated season 1.

After celebrating her 16th birthday she descended into self-harming habits because she feared she would never get out of her situation.

But there is good news for Pollard’s supporters, as since the show she has left Madison!

Jacie Minnick, the former counsellor at Madison, Tweeted on her progress. She said Pollard is currently “trying to stay positive and better herself.”

One report says that Pollard has since found a group home to live in, but that she still does not have contact with her family. This is why Pollard does not appear in the second season, as she left Madison by then – even though Madison had actually closed by season 2 and the filming had moved to LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Does Pollard have Instagram?

Najwa Pollard does not have any social channels.

Unlike some of the other Girls Incarcerated cast members such as Tiffany Kristler who has a large Instagram following since appearing on the show, Pollard has abstained from putting her story out there.

The last we have heard from Pollard is that Tweet from Jacie Minnick.