Q Ball: Who is Harry Smith? Bio of the basketball player in Netflix documentary!

Netflix has dropped a new documentary called Q Ball which documents the hopes of one prisoner to become a basketball player in the real world.

The heart-warming series follows convicted prisoners who find a new purpose in life through the bond of playing basketball together.

In particular, Q Ball focuses on basketball team San Quentin Warriors who compete against sports teams outside of the prison.

One of the star players on the team is Harry Smith. Here’s everything you need to know about Harry, including age and social media profiles!

Harry Smith in Q Ball

Meet Harry Smith

Harry is 31 years old and comes from San Francisco, CA.

The Q Ball star was convicted at the age of 24 and is serving an 8-year prison sentence. He has a young daughter who doesn’t know him well.


With one year left on his sentence, Harry believes he might be eligible to enter the NBA league.

He’s the top player of San Quentin Warriors and his teammates call him “ATL” and “The Phenom”.

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Harry Smith’s basketball passion

Before going to prison, Harry had the dream to become a professional basketball player.

In fact, his dreams and ambitions are still high as he hopes to play professionally once he gets out of prison.

Talking about his basketball passion, Harry says in Q Ball:

Basketball is all I’ve ever had. I’m not locked up. This is where I’m free.

Follow Harry Smith on social media

Harry created a Twitter account in May last year following his appearance on Q Ball. You can find him under the handle @HarryATLSmith.

He also has an Instagram profile which you can find @harryatlsmith.

However, his last posts on the two platforms are from December last year.

This coincides with the time when the documentary got released in America. In fact, before coming to Netflix, Q Ball was screened in several theatres across the pond.




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