Season 5 of The Circle has come to an end on Netflix and the epic finale saw four players playing as themself with two catfishes in the mix, but has a catfish ever won The Circle?

In today’s world, you never know who you’re speaking to online, and The Circle has shown exactly that. Players can choose to play as themselves, or catfish as someone else.

Past players have stated how it’s hard to play as someone else, so we take a look if a catfish has ever won the social media game show.

The Circle season 5 finalists standing in a line holding hands
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Has a catfish won The Circle?

Yes, a catfish has won The Circle, in season 2.

Season 2 saw DeLeesa take the crown, catfishing as her husband Trevor. Trevor actually went on to take part in season 4 of the show, coming in second place.

Of course, Trevor couldn’t go in as himself as DeLeesa had already used his profile. Therefore, Trevor also played as a catfish ‘Imani’ who was one of DeLeesa’s friends.

DeLeesa had all the contestants fooled, and fellow contestant Chloe even fell head over heels for Trevor’s profile.

As for the rest of the winners, they all played an honest game. Season 1 saw Joey Sasso take the crown playing as himself. James Andre Jefferson Jr. won season 3 with the same approach, and Frank Grimsley in season 4.

Who won The Circle season 5?

Sam Carmona won The Circle season 5. In second place was super influencer Chaz, followed by Raven, Tasia, and Jennifer.

The two catfishes in the season 5 final were Jennifer, made up of a team of Xanthi and Brett, and Tamira, played by Tasha. The pair then teamed up to catfish the rest of the players, making it all the way to the final.

Sam played as herself, which makes her the fourth player to play as themselves to win.

The Circle applications are open

Think you could have a go at winning The Circle? Applications are now open, however, season 6 has not officially been renewed by Netflix at the time of writing.

The Circle casting website states: “Apply now for possible future seasons of The Circle US.” So, although season 6 hasn’t been confirmed it hasn’t been ruled out either.

This is only for US applications, as the UK segment states that applications are closed.



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