Too Hot To Handle is back for season 4 and alongside nine other hot singletons is model Brittan Byrd. Brittan was the first to enter the show, which she and fellow cast mates admittedly realized they were not fully prepared.

Wild Love was the show the cast thought they’d be appearing on, an adrenaline-filled dating show hosted by Mario Lopez. However, Mario was quickly replaced by virtual assistant Lana, much to Brittan and her castmate’s dismay.

We look into castmate Brittan Byrd and her Too Hot To Handle journey so far.

Who is Brittan Byrd?

Brittan is a 22-year-old model, born and raised in Hawaii.

Speaking about her unique name on the show with co-star Dominique, whilst waiting for the rest of the contestants to arrive, she said it’s “like the country but spelled better.”

The model had quite a big following on Instagram before going on to the show. She now has 133k followers on the social media platform.

Brittan’s Too Hot To Handle journey so far

As soon as James entered the show, Brittan had her eyes on him. A fellow Hawaiian, the two had that in common at least.

The couple would have had a lot of fun if they were on the show they thought they were going to be on, Wild Love. However, unfortunately, they’re not, and virtual assistant Lana imposed rules they didn’t think they’d have to abide by to be in the chance of winning the money.

James was adamant about sticking to the rules, which frustrated Brittan, who in her Too Hot To Handle intro said she was “addicted” to being intimate.

As well as making sure he didn’t break the rules himself, James was also policing the other couples to try and make sure they also didn’t go against Lana. Unfortunately, he didn’t do too well at that one.

Fans have their say on Brittan and James’ pairing

Brittan and James are probably the couple who have stuck to Lana’s rules best. (Even if it was to Brittan’s dismay). Of course, fans have their opinions on this. Some side with James, while others see where Brittan is coming from.

One user tweeted: “Why is Brittan mad that James is not showing physical attention when that’s the whole point of the show? I know he could be more hands-on and show more romantic attention BUT how is she mad that he’s respecting the rules??? #toohottohandle

And some just find it amusing…



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