The collaborations between Netflix and Headspace are helping TV viewers around the world unwind their minds and find some calm in a tech-filled world.

For many of us, the streaming service has always been a space to escape. Whether that’s binging your favourite TV show for a couple of hours or tuning into a guilty pleasure film, it’s the viewer’s choice. But now, with the help of Headspace, Netflix are transforming TV escapism into a mindful endeavour. Think guided meditations, personalised breathing exercises, and tips for better sleep hygiene.

The latest collaborative effort from Netflix and the mindfulness app is Headspace: Unwind Your Mind. As the new series gets its release on Tuesday, June 15th, we explore who is the voice behind the interactive experience.

Who is the narrator of Headspace: Unwind Your Mind?

  • Andy Puddicombe

Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe is the main narrator of this new project with Netflix. He is the voice of the first project, their ‘Guide to Meditation’. If you’ve ever used the Headspace app, you might recognise Andy’s voice, as he leads a majority of their meditations.

Andy will also be joined by Director of Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Eve Lewis Prieto. Eve was the narrator of the previous series, Headspace: Guide to Sleep.

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Andy and Eve’s roles at Headspace explored

Andy Puddicombe, 48, co-founded Headspace with Richard Pierson in 2010. It started out as an events business, but the Headspace app, where Andy and Richard found success, was launched two years later.

Andy’s mindfulness journey began in 1994, where mid-way through his sports science degree, he packed up his life and moved to the Himalayas. There, he studied the art of mindfulness and meditation – he even became a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Northern India! Andy returned to the UK in 2004, bringing with him his knowledge of mindfulness.

Eve Lewis Prieto is Director of Meditation for Headspace. Her responsibilities include overseeing the meditation curriculum and creating processes and framework for their new meditation teachers. On her LinkedIn page, Eve explains she began her “journey into meditation eight years ago as a stressed and anxious advertising professional.”

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How does the new interactive experience on Netflix work?

The viewer will be presented with three customisable paths in Unwind Your Mind: Meditation (a simple guided session), Relax (for a daily wind-down), or Sleep (to calm the mind and body before bed).

Netflix viewers will be encouraged to make choices based on their feelings and needs in the moment.

Each narrator will focus on their area of expertise. So, if you decide that you wish to unwind and focus on sleep, Eve will be your go-to. If you decide you need a daily dose of meditative calm or relaxation, Andy will be on hand.

Get unwinding!



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