Much to binge-watchers’ dismay Love Is Blind episodes won’t be dropping in one big batch, instead, contestants will be left on tense cliffhangers. So, when will Love Is Blind season 4 episodes 6 – 8 be released?

Let’s take a look at the Love Is Blind season 4 release schedule as binge-watchers rage that they can’t watch the show in one sitting.

Netflix co-hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa fell in love 17 years ago, and are now returning to play Cupid for season 4, this time in Seattle.

Love is Blind silhouette standing outside the pods

When does Love Is Blind episode 6 come out?

Episodes 6 – 8 of Love Is Blind premiere on Friday, March 31, 2023.

Love Is Blind season 4 releases on March 24, when the first five episodes will drop.

The remaining episodes will land over the following three Fridays. This means episodes 6-8 are arriving on March 31 and episodes 9-11 on April 7, before the series concludes on April 14 with episode 12.

The release comes just 5 months after season 3 of Love Is Blind, which arrived on Netflix in October 2022. In fact, the series appears to drop in quick succession – aside from the two-year hiatus between seasons one and two caused by the pandemic.

What time do Love Is Blind episodes 6 – 8 arrive around the world?

Episodes 6 – 8 of Love Is Blind will release at 12:00 am (PT) which is 3:00  am (ET). In Korean Standard time, it is 5:00 pm, in Indian Standard Time, this is 1:30 am. For UK viewers, this will be 8:00 am.

Episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
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The Love Is Blind trailer brings back the ‘return of the pods’

Netflix recently released the official Love Is Blind Season 4 trailer, which includes the cast announcement and teases some of the drama that is expected to unravel. In the trailer, contestants enter the pods and share their most intimate thoughts and experiences.

The search for love all begins in the pods, where 15 men and 15 women will enter hoping to prove that love truly is blind while searching for their perfect match.

As seen in the trailer, each person will be physically separated from their potential lover by a blue wall. Although they can hear their date, they can’t see them, and as shown in the trailer, this causes some confusion.


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