Home Game on Netflix: Meet the Texas Roller Derby teams from episode 4

Netflix is back with another docuseries this June 2020, this time turning their attention to some of the world’s most extreme sports.

Home Game is an eight-part series, each episode focussing on the toughest sports out there. From 16th century football Calico Storico to Indian wrestling Pehlwani, Netflix covers the lot.

Although each episode is thrilling in its own way, there’s a particular magnetism surrounding the ‘Roller Derby’ episode. The game is totally brutal and played by teams of some seriously tough women. Just from watching the 30-minute episode, it’s no wonder the Texas team calls roller derby “the most entertaining sport in the world.”

So, with the Texas Roller Derby the subject of Home Game episode 4, we thought we’d find out more about the sport and more about the teams featured.

Screenshot: Home Game S1 E4 – Netflix

What is Texas Roller Derby?

Texas Roller Derby, or TXRD, was founded in 2001. The league was formerly known as Texas Lonestar Rollergirls.

The league was founded as part of the modern revival of roller derby, which properly kicked off in 2003. The Texas Rollergirls have been credited with reviving the sport at this time. One of the founders of TXRD, April Ritzenthaler, appears on the Netflix series.


April explains that the sports was popular in the 1950s and 90s, as it was one of the first televised sports. Then, throughout the 70s and 80s

For the latest news on the team, you can follow them on Instagram @texasrollerderby or check out their website.

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Meet the Texas Roller Derby teams

Six teams feature in the TXRD. They are: Cherry Bombs, Hellcats, Holy Rollers, Putas Del Fuego, and Rhinestone Cowgirls.

There is also a travel team in the TXRD called the All-Scar Army Airborne Division. The TXRD team of alternates is Hired Gun$.

Home Game explores all of the teams in the roller derby, but has a particular focus on Cherry Bombs. Viewers get to peer into their practice and hear about some of the Cherry Bomb players.

Screenshot: Home Game S1 E4 – Netflix

Austin teams feature on Home Game

In episode 4, we get to meet some of the Austin-based skaters in the Cherry Bomb team.

One of such players is Rosie Yi, whose roller derby name is Ninja Please. Rosie has been playing in the TXRD for eight seasons now and has always been a Cherry Bomb. We found Rosie on Instagram under the handle @tejaskimchi.

If you want to know more about the other teams in the Texas Roller Derby, then we’ve found them on Instagram for you.

Roller Derby teams on Instagram




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