How old is Anna Shay? Age of Bling Empire star explored

Anna Shay has become the talk of Twitter after appearing on Netflix hit Bling Empire.

The past few years have shown that Netflix can keep up with any production company when it comes to making top TV. Drama? Sure. Emmy-winning comedy? Easy. But the one area which they dominated last year came as a total surprise: Reality TV.

In 2020, Netflix came out with hit after hit, releasing Love Is Blind, Selling Sunset, and Too Hot to Handle all in one year.

On January 15th, 2021, Netflix added another reality TV gem to their roster with Bling Empire. For viewers, there’s already one standout star, as Anna Shay has stolen the show. Find out about the Bling Empire star here.

Screenshot: Anna Shay in Bling Empire S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Anna Shay from Bling Empire?

Anna Shay is an heiress and newfound reality TV star thanks to her appearance on Netflix’s Bling Empire.

Anna is the daughter of late Edward Shay, the billionaire founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), a defence and government services contractor. Edward’s wife and Anna’s mother was called Ai-San. Anna is half-Japanese, half-Russian.

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How Old is Anna Shay?

  • 60 years old.

It is reported that Anna Shay is 60 years old at the time of publication. Bling Empire star Anna was born on December 31st, 1960.

This Capricorn lives up to her zodiac, as she’s ambitious, classy and definitely good with money.

On Twitter, Bling Empire fans are gushing over Anna Shay. One fan tweeted: “Anna is literally my favourite. She just oozes old money.” Another wrote: “Anna is such a queen. That’s old money honey and a whole lot of class.”

Anna Shay talks age

Speaking to, Anna Shay revealed how she ended up on Bling Empire. Anna is friends with the show’s executive producer Jeff Jenkins, who approached her to be a part of Bling Empire. Anna thought Jeff meant behind the scenes, so it came as a surprise when she was placed front and centre!

But in this interview, Anna Shay also mentioned that she was hesitant to sign up considering her age. Anna is older than the rest of the cast by quite some years.

Anna said:

“The next thing I knew, I was sitting in front of the camera. I’m really quite shy, so it was hard. I never thought about doing this, especially at my age.”



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