How old is Chris Lilley? The creator and star of Netflix's hit comedy series Lunatics

When it comes to Chris Lilley, age is just a number and he’s promising his funniest work to date with his new series Lunatics.

Netflix is absolutely killing it with their output these days. Whether it’s documentary, comedy, drama, they’ve got you covered.

However, Chris Lilley’s Lunatics seems to have a bit of everything.

He’s a well-known name with a very distinctive sense of humour. Just how old is Chris Lilley?

Chris Lilley’s “Lunatics” Netflix 2019

What else has he done?

Besides Lunatics, the writer, producer and popular Australian comedian boasts a number of projects under his belt.

You may recognise him for Angry Boys, Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes.


He’s turned out some pretty terrific work, but Lunatics is his biggest yet. It might already be his most controversial.

Some say it’s insensitive, some say it’s golden satire.

Chris Lilley: Lunatics

Lunatics drops April 19th so it’s all ready to dig into.

The comedian portrays a number of characters in a series which imitates the documentary style to great effect.

It’s already struck a chord with lots of audiences.

How old is the man behind it all?

still from Chris Lilley’s “Lunatics” Netflix 2019

Chris Lilley: Age

He’s 44 years old.

Considering he’s maintained his sense of humour over the years, we can expect to see him cracking jokes for a long time to come after Lunatic’s success.

The actor has been working in the field since 2003. With all of this experience, it’s no wonder that Lunatics is being considered a must-see Netflix event.

Check it out!


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