How to apply for Netflix's The Circle 2023 and become the top influencer

How to apply for Netflix's The Circle 2023 and become the top influencer

The Circle season 4 premiered on 4 May 2022 and only the finale remains, so how can you apply for the Netflix in 2023?

It’s Netflix’s Survivor-meets-Black Mirror show as The Circle turns social media into a game. Nearly everyone has some sort of social profile but just how skilled are you at it?

The Circle follows a set of players as they live in separate apartments in the same building with no communication with the outside world. They can only message each other online and that can only mean one thing; get ready for the catfishes.

Contestants rate each other’s profile with the hopes to become the season’s top influencer and take home the $150k prize money – the highest stakes ever.

Want to get become the next Circle champ? Here’s how you can join.

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Baddies South | Teaser | Zeus

Baddies South | Teaser | Zeus

The Circle season 5 has been planned since season 3

Season 4 and 5 were confirmed ahead of the season 3 premiere in September 2021, with Michelle Buteau to returns as host. The second instalment was one of the platform’s “most popular unscripted shows of 2021,” with “more than 14 million households tuned in within 28 days after it premiered in April.”

The exact premiere date is unknown; while season 2 aired a year after the first, season 2 and 3 dropped four and eight months after the previous, respectively.

Since contestants stay in the same building for the entire filming, it was probably the easiest to film during Covid restrictions and the cheapest; the cast all remain in one location that isn’t a luxurious island.

That being said though, it’s still possible that The Circle could arrive in 2023.

The Circle Season 4. Josh Brubaker as Bru in The Circle Season 4. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021.

How to apply for The Circle Netflix 2023

Applications can be accessible at; the US site states that the closing date is 2 October 2021 but since it’s still accessible, we can assume that they’re still open because the UK entries are completely closed. Plus, the closing date may be extended without notice.

Contestants must be over 18 and cannot be – or previously – employed by any All 3 Media Group company, or an immediate relative of an All 3 Media Group employee.

Filming takes place in the UK, so make sure that you’re not restricted from entering the country.

You can also visit and submit a one-minute video of yourself to potentially be on a show, including The Circle and Too Hot To Handle.

Happy applying and if you make it on to the show, see you on Netflix!

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