After The Circle gained huge popularity in the UK, show’s bosses saw a good opportunity to spin-off versions in the US, Brazil and France.

For instance, the US series kicked off last week and will run over the next few weeks, with four new episodes coming on Netflix every Wednesday.

Those of you hooked up with the concept of the show can register your interest for future UK and US seasons.

Here’s how you can apply, plus information on the application process and eligibility requirements.

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E1 – Netflix

How to apply for Netflix’s The Circle

Head to The Circle‘s casting website where currently you can register your interest to star in future series. You can do that for UK and US versions of the show.

The series in France and Brazil are not accepting applications at the moment.

The process seems pretty easy as you’ll just need to fill your personal details and create a password to register on the website.

Simply start here –

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Eligibility requirements

If you wish to appear in the UK series, you must be over 18. You must be also a resident or have the right to reside in the UK. The only other rule is that you’re not or haven’t been employed at companies associated with the show.

To star in future US series, you must be 18-year-old and have the right to travel to the UK. The employment rule is also valid here.

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E1 – Netflix

The Circle US season 1

The first season of The Circle US will air 12 episodes in total, with Netflix releasing four new episodes every week.

The first four arrived on January 1st and the next four dropped today (Wednesday, January 8th).

A final upload will be available to stream on Wednesday, January 15th, with the final episode announcing the winner of the first-ever US series.

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E1 – Netflix

The Circle on Netflix’s filming location

The US show has been filmed in the same apartment block in Manchester as the UK version.

It was previously reported that upcoming UK, French, Brazilian and American seasons of The Circle will all take place in that block of flats.