Love is Blind has seen Bartise and Nancy hit it off from the beginning. As new episodes were released to Netflix on November 2, he often spoke of permanent bracelets which he wished to gift to her before marriage.

Nancy had to choose between Andrew Liu and Bartise at the start of season 3, but ultimately decided she had a stronger romantic connection with the latter after getting to know him from inside a pod.

In more recent events, fans have been looking for the so-called ‘permanent bracelets’ on Nancy and Bartise’s social media pages, but haven’t caught a glimpse of the jewellery so far. And fans are totally confused.

Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez cheers wine glasses while sitting outside.
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Love is Blind’s permanent bracelets

Those permanent bracelets worn by Bartise and Nancy on Love is Blind are from small Dallas-based jewelry brand Mod + Jo. They offer a delicate strand of solid 14k gold permanently welded as a bracelet or anklet.

Bartise “highly recommended” the brand on his Instagram on November 3. The brand themselves also said they had “so much fun making” bracelets for the Netflix couple, and invite fans to get the same from Wednesday to Saturday.

When the bracelets, made of yellow and white gold, were placed on Bartise and Nancy’s wrists season 3, they said “this is it” and saw the action as a romantic commitment of their love and connection.

Mod + Jo bracelets cost $98

Permanent bracelets at Mod + Jo will set customers back by $98 to $188. Clients can decide to customize theirs in-studio during a visit with a selection of solid gold and diamond charms, which cost between $58 and $368.

Specialty bracelet styles range from prices of $248 to $688. Travelers can wear real gold or silver jewelry through airport security without any issues, and will not be required to remove it during security screening, as per Mod + Jo.

The brand’s jewelry is made with the purpose of layering. It all started in 2016, when founder Jordan Flynn was living abroad with her husband during a two-year expat assignment, and began designing and creating each item to order.

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  • Bracelets leave Netflix fans confused

    Although Love is Blind fans think they haven’t spotted the same permanent bracelet on Bartise and Nancy since filming wrapped, others are simply confused about what happens if they ever need to go for an MRI.

    Don’t worry, though. If your doctor requires you to remove your welded bracelet or anklet for your MRI, you can always bring your piece back into the Mod + Jo store and receive a re-weld for a $10 service fee.

    There is also the confusion among viewers as to why Nancy accepted Bartise’s bracelet gift in the first place, as some are not yet quite convinced that they are the perfect match for each other.

    One fan wrote: “Love is Blind is wild. Bartise and Nancy out here getting ‘permanent bracelets’ that are welded together so you can’t take them off. Like…are yall never planning on going to an airport again?”



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