The latest addition to Netflix’s roster of original shows is 100 Humans. The brand new experimental series dropped to the streaming site on Friday, March 13th and already has plenty of people talking.

Each episode, the three presenters pitch a hypothesis on human nature and/or behaviour and then use their one hundred volunteers to expose the results. From attractiveness to age, they cover all the bases in this first season.

Already, there is one participant, in particular, who has stood out among all of the 100 Humans: Human #6.

So, just who is Human #6? We’ve done some digging to find out more about the most popular volunteer on Netflix right now.

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E3 – Netflix

Who is Human #6?

Human #6 is Avalon Warren. She is a 21-year-old social media star and actress who has found fame on Instagram and YouTube. Avalon has also starred in BuzzFeed’s ‘Teen Vs. Adult’ challenge videos.

Avalon was born on February 11th, 1999 according to Famous Birthdays.

From what we found on Avalon’s Instagram, it is likely that she lives in San Diego, California. This is where a majority of her Instagram pictures are geotagged. It would also make sense for Avalon to live in California, as this is where filming for 100 Humans took place. In her Real Geek Girls podcast, Avalon explains that she was raised in the South.

Since Avalon started to get more airtime, fans of the Netflix show have gone wild for her on Twitter. They have repeatedly said she needs to be “protected at all costs.”

Human #6 in 100 Humans experiments

Not all of the one hundred humans pop up in every experiment, but when Human #6 does, you can’t help but notice. This is largely thanks to her distinctive baby voice!

When taking on the balloon blowing challenge, Avalon didn’t do so well to stay upright – her balloon blew her over!

Presenter Sammy Obeid couldn’t help but make a joke here: “Poor Human #6. So much lung capacity, so little balance.”

Follow Human #6 on Instagram

As we said earlier, Human #6 – AKA Avalon – already has found fame as something of an Instagram influencer. Even before appearing on 100 Humans, Avalon has over 30,000 followers and counting!

You can find out more about Avalon and follow her on Instagram @avaandwar.



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