The Glow Up 2020 semifinal was even tougher than the year before given that there was not three competitors but four.

The make-up artists who made it to the semifinals were Eve, Ophelia, Hannah and James.

For their penultimate challenge, the final four had to create make-up looks to impress the team at Hunger Magazine and renowned British photographer Rankin. Hunger is one of the UK’s top fashion publications and founded by Rankin.

Given that Eve Jenkins is the fan-favourite to win and has repeatedly impressed the judges with her looks throughout the competition, it isn’t a surprise that she wowed Rankin at the Hunger shoot. See behind Eve’s winning look here.

Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E7 – iPlayer

Hunger Magazine Glow Up 2020 shoot

The semifinal saw the MUAs take on a beauty editorial for Hunger Magazine.

The theme for the editorial was ‘the future’ and was to be an experimental beauty look. Rankin asked that the looks were “striking, to stop the readers in their tracks and to inspire” him.

For the final photograph, the model would be shot in water, so the MUAs needed to strategically think how the model’s make-up look would last underwater.

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Who is Rankin?

Rankin – whose real name is John Rankin Waddell – is a British portrait and fashion photographer. He was born in 1966 and 54 years old.

Although famous for his photography, Rankin is also a major success in the magazine publishing industry. In 1992, he co-founded Dazed & Confused, which is now just known as Dazed. Then, in December 2000 Rankin launched his own magazine, Rank. He also publishes Another Magazine and Another Man.

In November 2011, Rankin launched Hunger TV and Hunger Magazine. The magazine is a biannual fashion publication which is renowned for its experimental and expressive creativity.

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Eve Jenkins’s Hunger looks

Fan-favourite Eve was delighted with the brief, stating that she’s always wanted to shoot underwater.

For her look, Eve explained: “I’m doing mine based on oil in water, so I want to get those blues, purples, green tones in the look.” She is looking at the effect of pollution on water.

Eve’s work is to be featured in Hunger Magazine’s ‘The Future Issue’ in 2020. Rankin liked her work so much that he invited Eve back to finish the beauty editorial, shooting six more images for an eight-page editorial.

Screenshot: Glow Up S2 E7 – iPlayer



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