Too Hot To Handle season 4 star Imogen Ewan arrived late to the villa, and was ready to steal someone’s man from the get go. She feasted her eyes on Creed McKinnon, who was coupled up with Flavia Laos. But what’s her age?

Imogen, who has been described as a Megan Fox lookalike, was the youngest in the surprise arrivals on Too Hot To Handle season 4. Her age makes her just one year younger than Flavia, who she became besties with.

Reality Titbit had a look at Imogen’s age and what she’s achieved in her young years so far. From becoming a model to appearing on one of the most popular Netflix dating shows, Imogen hasn’t wasted any time at all.

Imogen on Too Hot To Handle: Age

Too Hot To Handle star Imogen Ewan’s age is 24. She is just one year younger than Flavia Laos, 25, whose partner Creed McKinnon she’s been trying to steal, while she matches the same age as him.

She and Creed said they thought that they were the male and female versions of one another after their date. Imogen celebrates her birthday on February 27, which makes her a Pisces zodiac sign.

Pisces are believed to be compassionate, artistic, deeply emotional and are often inclined to throw themselves into caring for others at all costs. Imogen enjoyed a fruit cake and a classy drink with her parents for her 24th.

She’s a beauty therapist at 24

Australian-born Imogen is a beauty therapist who has travelled to Spain, France, Greece, United States and more, all by the age of 24. She has accumulated at least 129K followers on Instagram and over 60K on Tiktok!

She has also undergone a breast augmentation and shared her surgery story with ONE Cosmetic. Imogen claimed she is feeling more confident after she went under the knife in February 2021.

Too Hot To Handle season 4 – Imogen’s journey

Imogen chose Creed for her date and immediately made it known that she wasn’t afraid to break any rules with him. However, he also assured Flavia that he only wanted a “friendship” with Imogen and nothing more. 

Creed confessed to being “stuck in a bubble” with Imogen and feeling attracted to her. The star told her that he hadn’t given up on their connection. In the finale episode, Creed was sent home by Lana as he was “playing both sides.”

While Flavia mentioned that he only had eyes on her, Imogen noted that he never told her a “hard no.” She is also friends with season 3 cast member Georgia Hassarati, who often comments on her Instagram photos.



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