The wait is finally over for season 3 of the show! Before you deep dive into the dramas and mismatches of the latest installment, let’s see where the stars of Indian Matchmaking season 2 are. While some remain unlucky in love, others’ relationships still seem to be going strong.

A little different from your usual dating show, Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking sees expert Sima Taparia, or Sima aunty, work her coupling magic in the hope of finding her clients true love. Last season, she wasn’t particularly successful, but that doesn’t mean some of the stars didn’t find love.

On the other hand, some are making a return in season 3 to roll the dice of love once again.

The cast of Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Airing last summer, we can forgive you if you’ve forgotten all the stars of the last season, so here’s a quick refresher:

Fans will be pleased to know that for season 3, Shita and Viral are returning for another go around the love merry-go-round. They’ll be joined by a bunch of new faces hoping Sima can find them a match.

Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Where they are now

After catching up with the stars of Indian Matchmaking season 1, we’re all desperate for updates on the season 2 cast, so let’s not waste a minute longer!

The girls:

Obviously, we know we’ll be seeing more of Shital and Viral in the latest series. Last year, it seemed that Viral had found her match in Aashay, however, it seems their relationship didn’t last long and she’s making a return. Since season 2, the research associate has been enjoying life in the sun, attending premiers and even working with authors!

Shital’s Instagram hasn’t been updated since she announced she’s been on season 2 of the show, so it will be great to catch up with us, especially as it looks like her relationship with Niraj didn’t work out. Hopefully, Sima will be able to find her a match this time around.

After Nadia appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of the show, she was still unable to find a lasting match at the end of it. Still looking for a partner, the event planner has been busy with weddings, attending glam events, and caring for her dog, Millie.

Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna has been busy since her two stints on the show, just not in love. After moving to New York, she’s written and released a hit book, She’s Unlikable. Also attending glam events and jetting across the world, the author shares it all with her 100k followers on Instagram.

The boys:

Pradhyuman has one of the most successful stories on the show; not only finding love, but getting married too! Again, his Instagram has been a little quiet since finishing the show. But we’re not surprised he wants some downtime after appearing on series 1 and 2. As far as we know, he and Ashima are still very happy. Though she regularly posts on social media, he doesn’t; make an appearance, so clearly are keeping their life more private.

None of Sima’s matches for Vinesh worked out, so he ended his time on Indian Matchmaking by deciding to spend more time with his family. His Instagram shoes no sign of love, but he’s definitely living the lavish life in Miami.

Unfortunately, Ashneel’s Instagram is private, so anyone seeking for info will have to send him a request. After ending season 2 making good friendships but without love, he went on to focus on his career in cardiology, but putting his heart on hold.

It seemed Sima had found a successful match for poultry business owner Akshay in Devika, however things didn’t work out between the pair. Fans of his can keep up with his life on Instagram where he posts about his business ventures, events he attends and even the odd Indian Matchmaking reunion!

All episodes of Indian Matchmaking season 3 are available on Netflix from today (April 21). And, with Viral calling it the “best season yet”, it’s only a matter of deciding whether to binge it all at once, or pace yourself.

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