Indian Matchmaking brings some newcomers to the dating series as well as some familiar faces including Arti Lalwani.

After two successful seasons, Indian Matchmaking returns to Netflix with season 3 in 2023.

Sima Taparia has her work cut out in finding perfect matches for many singletons including model and actor Rushali Rai and maths teacher Bobby Seagull.

One of Sima’s clients who had no issues in dating in the ‘divorcee pool’ is Arti Lalwani.

Arti and Jamal smile together having drinks at table filming Indian Matchmaking
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Meet Indian Matchmaking’s Arti

Indian Matchmaking season 3 episode 5 sees fans get to know Arti Lalwani.

She turned 32 in 2023 and works in compliance for a cybersecurity company.

Arti said that she’s ambitious, “likes nice things,” and has a dog.

With the help of Sima Aunty, Arti was hoping to find ‘the one’ on the show.

Her hobbies included going to Costco “for no reason,” taking her dog to the park, and working out.

What happened to Arti’s dad?

When it comes to finding a partner, Arti explained that she’s Sindhi and that her parents were both keen on her marrying “another Sindhi.”

Her parents had an arranged marriage seven years before welcoming her into the world. They were together for almost 40 years before Arti’s father passed away.

Speaking in episode 5, Arti described herself as a “daddy’s girl,” but sadly added that her father passed away four months ago.

Her father was a jeweler and said that when Arti found someone “right for her,” he’d design her ring.

Arti’s brother, Deepak, also appears alongside her on Indian Matchmaking.

Are Jamal and Arti still together?

Although Arti enlisted the help of Sima Taparia to help her find a partner, she ended up finding love on a dating app.

Sim and Arti clashed during the show as Arti explained she was looking for a “spark” with someone and great chemistry.

She was looking for a “good-natured” guy, who is “tall and muscular,” as well as “relaxed.”

Judging by how the series played out, Arti appeared to bag herself her dream man online.

His name is Jamal, and by the looks of their IG pages, they’re still together today.

Speaking of Arti, Jamal said that she “radiates beauty.”

The two bonded over a Costco pizza. Jamal joked that it was “the best seven dollars” Arti “ever spent.”

Arti added she doesn’t think that Sima would have matched the pair together.

She explained: “He doesn’t meet the criteria that my parents had for me and that’s ok because the person that you’re supposed to be with I believe can be anybody and who you fall in love with you can’t help.”


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