Indian Matchmaking is back in 2023 and the show brings with it some new people looking for love – Bobby Seagull is one of Sima Aunty’s clients in season 3.

Bobby burst onto the Netflix show brimming with energy – so much so that Sima Aunty said that he might talk “too much.”

Indian Matchmaking sees Sima Taparia fly to London to work her magic on singletons based in the Big Smoke, as well as those in the USA and India.

Bobby Seagull smiles at camera wearing waist jacket, shirt and tie on Indian Matchmaking
Credit: Netflix YouTube channel

Indian Matchmaking: Meet Bobby

Bobby Seagull, 39, is one of the Indian Matchmaking clients featured on season 3 of the show.

He described himself as a “husband in waiting” and works as a maths teacher in London.

The series sees Bobby teaching a maths class episode 1, speaking to his students about his passion for mathematics.

While Bobby said that he’s learned the skills to become a mathematician, he’s yet to master the world of dating and seeks Sima’s help to find “the one.”

Bobby is ‘Mr Positivity’

There’s one thing that’s super apparent during Indian Matchmaking season 3, and that’s that Bobby has unparalleled enthusiasm.

He says himself that he often has to “rein it in,” and sometimes “messes up his dates.”

Bobby added that he thinks his best quality is his positivity.

The teacher shows off his rapping skills as he gave viewers a quick skit about maths during the series.

He’s determined to avoid the “friend zone” during his time working with Sima Taparia.

Indian Matchmaking fans adore the maths teacher

Netflix fans have immediately taken to Bobby as season 3 drops on the streaming service on April 21, 2023.

It’s not the first time that some people have seen Bobby on TV as he starred on University Challenge in 2017. He’s also appeared on Countdown, Celebrity Hunted, and more shows.

Bobby has 19k followers at @bobby_seagull and a further 27k followers on Twitter.

Tonnes of viewers have taken to Twitter to write that they think Bobby is “the best,” and that he “needs a fan club.”

One fan tweeted: “Protect Bobby Seagull at all costs! And get him a girl who likes Maths!”


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