Indian Matchmaking is back for season 3, and this time, Aunty Sima has bought her matchmaking skills even further across the globe as she arrives in London to see clients including Priya and Vim, but are they still together?

The Netflix show first aired on our screens in 2020, and three years and three seasons later fans are still as invested as ever in Sima Aunty and her matchmaking skills.

We take a look at Indian Matchmaking‘s Priya and where it seems she and Vim stand now.

Priya’s Indian Matchmaking journey

Indian Matchmaking Priya and Vim hugging
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Fans were first introduced to Priya Ashra at the end of season 2, as she became Sima’s first London-based client, teasing a UK appearance for the matchmaker in season 3.

After getting divorced, Priya chose to turn to top matchmaker Sima Taparia to help her find love again, as she marked one of the first London clients on the Netflix show.

Sima Aunty found Priya a few matches, although she told her she had to ‘compromise’ with her criteria. First, was Indian Matchmaking’s teacher Bobby Seagull, and although the two got on in their dance class, unfortunately, the math teacher got friend-zoned once again.

However, after the third match, it seemed like Sima had found Priya exactly what she asked for.

Vim and Priya aren’t giving much away

Priya and Bobby dance together on Indian Matchmaking season 3
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After two unsuccessful dates, it looked like it was the third time lucky for Indian Matchmaking’s Priya when she met Vimal “Vim” Kansara who had the top knot she had been waiting for.

Sima’s face reader Janardhan Dhurbe also said they were a perfect match, although they did hit a bump early in the road when Priya thought Vim was being ‘too full on.’

Despite this, they overcame it, and we then saw Priya introduce him to her friends, which seemed to go fairly well. Just like in the modern dating world, we were then left ghosted with no further update between the two. So of course, fans are curious to know if Indian Matchmaking couple Priya and Vim are still together.

Well, the two don’t follow each other on Instagram and have no interaction online, so it doesn’t look great, as they have interaction with other Indian Matchmaking season 3 cast members.

However, Bobby has been commenting on Priya’s pics online, so even if she didn’t find love, it looks like her friend zoning worked.

Meet Priya on Instagram

If you want to keep up with Priya’s dating journey after Indian Matchmaking, you can follow her on Instagram @priya.ashra.

Vim can be found over @vim_kansra, and from his posts, it seems like he may have embarked on the food journey he was telling Priya to about on their first date.

Both parties are keen on their traveling and their food, which is why Sima Aunty thought they’d be a good match, although like she always says, at the end of the day it’s in the hands of destiny.


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