Indian Matchmaking is back in 2023 and Rushali Rai is one of Sima Taparia’s clients looking for love.

Season 3 of the hit Netflix show takes viewers around the world from New York to London and New Delhi.

Sima Taparia‘s clients are based all over the globe and they’re all after the same thing – a perfect partner.

Rushali was one of Pradhyuman Maloo‘s dates in a previous season of the series. However, she’s back looking for love during season 3.

Meet Indian Matchmaking’s Rushali

Rushali Rai is a model and actor who hails from New Delhi.

She was born in 1995, making her 28 years old and she is 5 ft 7.

Rushali is super-close with her parents and meets with a life coach during her time on Indian Matchmaking to help her navigate moving away from her mum and dad and into life as a married woman in future.

Rushali went to boarding school at 4 years old

Indian Matchmaking star Rushali said that she is “the man of the house” in her life.

Therefore, finding a husband and getting married was set to be a big hurdle for her as she was so accustomed to life living with her parents.

During the Netflix show, she spoke of being sent to boarding school at four years old.

She said that her parents’ relationship was strained and that they used to argue and therefore her mother thought it was best for her to be sent away.

Because of this, the Netflix star’s life coach suggested that she may be closed off emotionally due to witnessing her parents’ marriage.

Speaking of her mum and dad, Rushali said: “They’ve given up everything to see me get everything in the world that I want… to get me a better education… the best schools.”

Career-wise, Rushali has done incredibly well for herself. She was crowned Miss Delhi and was a Miss India finalist. Rushali also appeared on MTV’s India’s Next Top Model and she was a runner-up in the competition.

The actor and model is on Instagram

Many fans on Indian Matchmaking will likely want to find out more about Rushali – including whether she’s on social media.

The poetry-loving reality star can be found on the ‘gram at @rrushali03 with 51k followers.

Rushali showcases her beauty on social media and gives fans a glimpse of some of her modeling shots.


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