Vikash Mishra is one of the Indian Matchmaking newbies in 2023.

His parents appeared on the show as he met with world-renowned matchmaker Sima Taparia during season 3 episode 3.

Netflix viewers follow along on Vikash’s matchmaking journey as well as more clients of Sima’s including Bobby Seagull, Rushali Rai, and Arti Lalwani.

Sima describes Vikash as “the life of the party” and it’s her job to find him his dream woman…

Vikash sits across table from Sima Taparia on Indian Matchmaking wearing light blue shirt, Sima wears light blue and white outfit with her handbag placed near her on table
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Meet Indian Matchmaking’s Vikash

During Indian Matchmaking season 3 episode 3 viewers are transported to California to meet a newcomer to the series – Vikash.

He admits to his friends on the show that he’s been “picky” when it comes to finding a partner and hoped to find a “perfect princess.”

Vikash joked that he wanted to find a “Hindi-speaking doctor, who was from the same community his parents are from, who was fun, caring, beautiful and would break out into song and dance.”

The Netflix star’s friends brought Vikash back down to earth and said that he should perhaps focus less on his partner’s looks and more on their personality.

Vikash is a doctor

Vikash joined Indian Matchmaking ready to meet his perfect match.

He said that he thinks he’s “fun to be around” and will often “break into song and dance.”

Vikash’s dancing skills had people in college asking him to dance at their weddings.

He said: “I became like this pseudo wedding dancer.”

Nowadays, he works as an ER doctor and was just turning 40 years old when filming Indian Matchmaking.

Is he on Instagram?

Yes! Vikash can be found on Instagram with over 1.4k followers at @vdmdlv.

The Netflix star shares snaps from all over the world including trips he’s taken to Amsterdam and more places.

Given that Vikash loves people, it’s no wonder that his Instagram page sees him being a social butterfly and enjoying food and drink with friends.


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