Instant Hotel is back on Netflix for a second season!

Coming back to our screens on Friday, June 28th, the show introduces us to six new homeowners as they transform their luxury homes into hotels in the chance to win a huge cash prize of $100,000.

And one of the hotels was certainly unique.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Coober Pedy hotel from episode 1 and how you can visit the extraordinary desert location.

Screenshot: Netflix – Instant Hotel season 2 episode 1

Instant Hotel season 2 episode 1 – Coober Pedy

The first episode of the brand new series introduces us to Mark and Razz.

Their property is in Coober Pedy, South Australia, the location for iconic movies such as Mad Max and Pricilla Queen of the Desert.

Mark and Razz’s ‘Earth House’ is a dugout deep in the scorched red desert, creating a cave-like home from the rocky landscape.

How did Coober Pedy fare on Instant Hotel?

There are four criteria to be judged by the other competitors and the hosts: the home, location and attractions, night’s sleep, value for money.

Hosts Laurence and Juliet were quite enamoured with Mark and Razz’s place. More so than the other hoteliers.

Laurence said he would “stay here just for the walls” and was quite taken with the mine-like quality of the place.

But they did not score too highly, at 17 out of 30 in the first episode. Mainly due to the natural elements getting in the way of the other contestant’s peaceful night sleep.

Laurence scored them an 8 out of 10 and Juliet scored a 7.

How to visit the Coober Pedy Instant Hotel!

If you liked the look of the Coober Pedy and wanted to visit Razz and Mark’s hotel, we’ve got you covered.

They list their ‘Fire in the Stone’ earth house on Airbnb! You can check out their property here.

At a whopping £268 a night, its definitely a once in a lifetime investment.

But unfortunately, for those looking to stay and take on the natural location, they are not taking any bookings until February 2020.

Who knows whether their appearance on Instant Hotel has them all booked up until then…

Screenshot: Netflix – Instant Hotel season 2 episode 1


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