With the second season of Instant Hotel dropping on Netflix on Friday, June 28th, there comes a whole new cast for fans to get to know and love.

This season there are four couples looking to transform their properties into dreamy holiday destinations and competing for the massive grand prize of $100,000.

But there’s one contestant in particular who has stood out.

Meet Gene Pierson.

Here is everything you need to know about the man who has got everyone talking…

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Meet Gene Pierson

Gene was born Giancarlo Salvestrin in Venice, Italy in 1946, although he adopts the name, Gene Pierson.

At the age of four, he and his mother followed his father, Ernesto, to Griffith in New South Wales, Australia.

Since then, the 73-year-old has been living between Australia and New Zealand developing his career as a musician before entering the world of property and going on Instant Hotel.

Gene has a daughter, however, it is not confirmed who the mother is.

Gene’s musical career

His long career in the music industry began in 1963, where he entered a talent competition under the name Gene Chandler.

As there was already a successful American singer called Gene Chandler, he changed his last name to Pierson and used this stage name throughout his career.

As Gene Pierson, he had a few major hits in both Australia and New Zealand. These included ‘Love, Love, Love’, ‘You Got To Me’ and ‘Reach Out’.

Gene heads for Auckland

As the Vietnam War drew more international involvement, Gene was conscripted in 1965 to serve.

To avoid this he fled to New Zealand and remained there, working as a musician. It was here where he recorded his hit singles, collaborating with many fellow Australian musicians who were living in New Zealand to avoid the war.

Gene then returned to Australia in the early 1970s and continued his career there.

Check out one of Gene’s videos below!

Turns from musician to music mogul

The 1970 Australian Radio Ban made Gene switch his focus from creating music to producing it.

He started his own record company called Chart Records which got through the ban using a loophole. His success there led Gene to be hired as an entertainment manager and booker for one of the biggest nightclubs in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

He was responsible for booking the likes of Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield, Sammy Davis Jr., AC/DC and Queen during his career!

Gene’s other label, Laser Music, also released Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s 1995 album Homeless. 

Gene and Sharon

Gene and Sharon married in 2001 and together they opened the East Bedarra Island Retreat in the tropical North Queensland. They have two daughters together.

This is the property they competed within Instant Hotel season 2.

Gene and Sharon are both still happily married and you can keep up to date with all their latest news and information by following them on Instagram!

You can follow both of them: @kinggenesalvestrin and @sharonsalvestrin.

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