Under the guise of a lighthearted Four In A Bed– style competition in sunny Australia lies one of the most hilariously vicious TV contests out there.

That’s right, Instant Hotel – the show that brought the phrase ‘competitive Airbnb-ing’ into our lives.

Fabulous locations, tonnes of complaining, bickering and moaning from a characterful cast, combined with a competition element – come on, what more could you want from reality television?

When season 2 dropped on Netflix on Friday, June 28th, we couldn’t help but binge the entire thing.

So here’s what we thought about Instant Hotel season 2!

Screenshot: Netflix – Instant Hotel season 2 titles

Smaller but better cast

Season 1 had ten couples, but season 2 had just four. The couples this season included: Razz and Mark, Debbie and Justin, Jay and Leah, and Gene and Sharon.

Although there were some standout characters from last season – who could forget the fussiest man alive, Leroy? – having just eight contestants in total meant we got to know them a lot better.

And having the cast know each other better allowed for some pretty hilarious relationships to form, like Jay trying to befriend Justin throughout the series.

We all saw his failed attempts to bond as ‘bros’ each episode. But Justin wasn’t having any of it, particularly not as Jay’s concept of bonding was taking showers together…

More shooting daggers than an episode of MIC

If you thought E4 is good at creating some tense teetering on the edge of awkward scenes, then prep yourself for Instant Hotel.

There are more devilish glances throughout this show than on any other reality TV series we’ve seen.

Probably because in season 2 the stakes were much higher.

Instead of a rather random first prize of winning a trip to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Californian Instant Hotel, the prize in the second series was $100,000 AUD. And as much as we all love Leo DiCap, we’re sure the competitors would rather the money!

There are cold stares aplenty over the table as the competitors deliberate, with sentences such as “something we’ll have to take into account” becoming part of the show’s lingo.

You’ll be nitpicking everyone around you before you know it after watching this…

Screenshot: Instant Hotel S2 E6 – Netflix

Throwing people under the bus… figuratively speaking

There is no violence or danger in the frothy world of vacays and holidaying in this series, but there is definitely a lot of throwing your fellow competitors under the bus.

In season 1, Mikey and Shay busted the scoring system, coming to the realisation that they could impact their competitors by rating them harshly.

The contestants in the second series have realised this flaw as well and aren’t afraid to overhaul the system!

Like Leah and Jay knocking Gene and Sharon’s dreamy rainforest meets Great Barrier Reef location down a few pegs because they thought it was too isolated and that they’d get “sick of meditating”. Sheesh.

Neck and neck finale

What better way to end the drama of season 2 than a tie?

After they tied in their first scores, Debbie and Justin were up against the hilariously dramatic Gene and Sharon. And it was down to the renovation scores given by judges Juliet Ashworth and newbie Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to make the call.

Needing a nine from Juliet to beat their competitors, we will never forget Gene and Sharon’s faces as they were marked just a seven.

This show really is all or nothing!

Screenshot: Instant Hotel S2 E6 – Netflix



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