Batsheva Haart, 28, has been married to Ben Weinstein since she was 19 years old, but reports say their love story is now officially over.

When My Unorthodox Life first hit Netflix, Julia Haart’s life as a member of Jewish community-turned-CEO of Elite World Group was shared.

Julia introduced her daughter Batsheva to the reality TV show, which saw her open up about getting married to husband Ben at a young age.

Reports now say that doors have closed for Batsheva and Ben, leaving fans of the TikTok star concerned about if they are getting divorced.

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My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Batsheva Haart and Ben Weinstein

Batsheva and Ben got married when she was 19 years old.

Explaining that she has “never had any single years as an adult”, the couple have now been husband and wife for eight years.

The married couple started dating at the age of 18, after meeting through family friends and instantly having a summer fling during 2011.

However, their romance developed into dating, despite Ben leaving to go to Israel to study, and went months without seeing each other in person.

They continued to speak daily over the phone, before getting into a relationship after reuniting.

Ben and Batsheva were engaged in summer 2012, and quickly got married.

Batsheva and Ben reportedly split

A source close to the Haart family reportedly told E! that Batsheva and Ben have split after nine years of marriage.

Neither of them acknowledged their nine-year anniversary on October 19th, suggesting they may have already split or been on the rocks.

Batsheva and Ben have removed pictures of each other from their Instagram pages, however he has kept a September post with her brothers.

Reports on November 18th say the pair are going their separate ways.

Although no reasons were given, they have both recommended not getting married young like they did, despite saying they do not regret it themselves.

Is the couple getting a divorce?

Yes, according to E!, a source informed them that Batsheva is filing for divorce soon, just over a month after their nine-year anniversary.

During a Q&A video posted to Batsheva’s YouTube in August, they opened up about their relationship, three months before their reported split.

Ben told the camera:

I don’t regret getting married young because [of] who I married, but I would not recommend getting married young.

Batsheva agreed with Ben, and added:

I never like to say I regret anything in my life, but if circumstances happened again, I definitely would not get married so young. Getting married at 19 is too young.



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