Is Bling Empire real or fake? Fans accuse Netflix show of being scripted

Bling Empire is Netflix’s latest reality TV series, which follows the lives of wealthy Asians living it up in Los Angeles. But is it real or fake?

Although cameras capture real lives, including actor Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi Li’s relationship, viewers are starting to question its authenticity.

Some have accused the show of being “100 percent scripted”, despite being a reality TV series – so we got to grips with what goes on behind the scenes.

So is Bling Empire actually real or fake? We look through some theories…

Screenshot: Bling Empire season 1 – Netflix

Viewers react to Bling Empire’s authenticity

With Netflix’s professional shots and angles, many viewers were led to think the show was completely scripted.

Despite being a reality series, some thought that the cast were following a script – and a few have welcomed how “beautiful” the production is.

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Is Bling Empire scripted?

  • No

While reality shows might actually involve real people, some series could be set up for entertainment purposes.

For example, ITV’s The Only Way is Essex involves “real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way”.

However, executive producer Jeff Jenkins, the man behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians, told OprahMag that Bling Empire was “unexpected”.

One scene that surprised him was when Kim Lee and Guy Tang found a penis pump in Anna Shay’s home, which Jeff said he had “never seen”.

If there was a script, it is highly unlikely that he would not have been surprised by any events that took place.

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Is Bling Empire real or fake?

  • Real

When talking about the sex toy found in Anna Shay’s home, Jeff Jenkins revealed that it is “1000% real and unexpected and insane”.

However, it still raises questions as he was only referring to that moment.

Looking at the cast’s Instagram profiles, it appears that those who aren’t single are genuinely in relationships as seen on the series.

Although the Netflix show is real, the cast members were initially put together by the production team, so while some of them knew each other, others met through mutual friends and so on.

Kevin joined the show through his friendship with Kelly, and made friends with the other stars while pitching the show in 2018 and filming in 2019.

Kelly revealed on the Netflix afterparty that they were all “good friends” before the show.

Jeff told OprahMag that they “brought cameras into a world that was already there with rivalries and friendships and loyalties pre-existing”.



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